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2001 BMW M3

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2011 Tuner Grand Prix
In an orgy of European power and speed, we pit North America’s best tuners head-to-head on the dyno, dragstrip and road course in the eurotuner GP.
Greg EmmersonFeb 9, 2012
SuperStreetOnline Magazine
2001 BMW E46 M3 - Bronzed Beauty
Jonathan Macias shows off his perfectly tanned BMW M3
Neill BachandAug 29, 2011
SuperStreetOnline Magazine
2001 BMW M3 - Franco Regalo
In the world of motoring, inspiration and ideas can come from many places.
Apr 20, 2011
2001 BMW M3 - The Ultimate Driving Machine - Quickie
Introducing The JDM Time Attack Bimmer
Sean KlingelhoeferFeb 13, 2011
BMW M3 - Version M3.2 - Project
Read this article about a BMW M3 which was bought used and customized for street and track.
Jason MulroneyMay 29, 2007
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European Car Magazine
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Project BMW E36 M3 - Part 27
I'm in love with this car all over again.My apologies for those awaiting an update on Project M3 the past several months, but we had to overcome some serious hurdles throughout 2004 and 2005. I am pleased to report that all is now well.
Pablo MazlumianDec 21, 2006
European Car
European Car Magazine
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Project BMW E46 M3 - The Beginning
More than six years ago I was fortunate enough to be one of the first journalists to drive the new generation E46 M3. The previous E36 M3 was perhaps the most balanced and inspiring car in the world; I thought BMW could never better it. I thought wrong.
Aug 3, 2006
European Car
European Car Magazine
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BMW Tech Letters
Readers questions regarding BMW Wheel offsets, Transmission Conversions, cracked exhaust manifolds, lost owner manuals, overheating questions and more.
Aug 13, 2003
European Car
European Car Magazine
2001 BMW M3 Convertible: Long-term Wrapup
The M3 is the brawniest-looking car you're likely to see on the road today. Take it up a mountain road loaded with sightseers who insist on doing exactly the speed limit, or slightly under. Normally, they will drive for miles before letting you by, if they eve
Dan BarnesNov 15, 2002
2001 BMW M3 Convertible Part 1: Intro
There have been many weekends in my life I've anticipated with great excitement. It had been a long time, however, since I'd looked forward to a weekend like I did last September.
Pablo MazlumianJul 30, 2002
2001 BMW M3 Convertible Part 2: Update
One of the major tenets of the Shaker communal groups whose innovative farms once flourished in America was, "Every force evolves a form," and I think this phrase neatly sums up a dynamic at work within BMW. The "force" in this case radiates from BMW's 30-year
Greg N. BrownJul 30, 2002
2001 BMW M3 Convertible Part 4: Update
It was Friday, a good day for Thai food, and I knew this great place across town with gorgeous waitresses and Singha on draft. I took a bunch of IT guys to lunch in an effort to shake a new iMac from their budget. Ply 'em with noodles and beer. We piled in the
Jul 30, 2002
European Car
European Car Magazine
2001 BMW M3 Convertible Part 3: Update
When Editor Brown told me we were getting a long-term M3, I nearly wet myself. I loved our long-term 330i. I loved driving it, I loved riding in it. The Laguna Seca Blue M3 Coupe I drove early last year was even better. It looked cool. It made people freak out
Dan BarnesJul 30, 2002


How-to Classic

Project K24 Pt. 11: 1992 Honda Civic VX Gets New Wheel & Tire Package, K-Series Engine Swap & Axles

In terms of project car building, some might assume that working for the Super Street Network and dealing with cars like this long-term 1992 Honda Civic VX hatchback means spending multiple days of the week wrenching away and making progress. The reality is, as much as I’d love to be able to do that, my

RodrezNov 16, 2020
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