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Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 - Impulse Carbon-Fiber AE86 Corolla

Editor Sam Du's Top Pick from Japan's largest tuner show

Jan 16, 2015

It's now been a week since the 33rd annual Tokyo Auto Salon opened its doors. The Super Street crew has just returned from our adventure in Japan on Wednesday, and with over 10 photo shoots in the bag, plus all of our Tokyo Auto Salon photos to edit, we have plenty of work cut out for us in the coming weeks! But we wanted to give you a sneak peek at one of our favorite cars.

Fender flare screws Photo 2/12   |   Fender Flare Screws

Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 - Day 1 Mega Gallery

Impulse is an AE86 Corolla specialist based in Kobe, Japan - by no means an easy place to get to, especially if you're visiting from the States like us. Almost 300 miles south of Tokyo is where Tajima-san creates some of the finest Hachirokus known to mankind. At his shop, he specializes in everything from manufacturing and selling parts to servicing racecars. He's also popular for restoring Levins and Truenos to immaculate shape. At last week's TAS, he unveiled his latest N2 demo car, which absolutely stopped us in our tracks.

Profile rear Photo 3/12   |   Profile Rear

Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 - Day 2 Mega Gallery

This AE86 is a car unlike any Hachiroku build we've seen, with nothing but exposed dry carbon throughout. And we're not talking cheap materials from China or Taiwan. According to our translator, Tajima-san is using the same carbon technology found on Formula One cars and the Lexus LFA. Talk about ballin'! You'll notice the hood, fenders, doors, roof, rear panels and over-fenders are constructed of the flawless composite. We especially dig the interior floor panel and rear windscreen, made of carbon as well!

Recaro seat interior Photo 4/12   |   Recaro Seat Interior

The madness doesn't end there. Under the hood is a 16-valve 4AG equipped with Impulse's titanium straight exhaust and 4-2-1 header. The chassis features Endless brakes and 15x9.5" front, 15x10" rear Volk Racing TE37v wheels. We also can't forget the interior has been completely stripped of everything but a Recaro seat, AIM display, carbon dash, steering wheel, shifter and roll cage.

Headlights grill Photo 5/12   |   Headlights Grill

The final weight of this car is the kicker - 735kg; that's 1,620 pounds! A lightweight masterpiece like this looks like it would be years in the making, but Tajima-san had only a few months to finish it. He crammed every night and weekend to complete the car by TAS 2015. After seeing this beauty in person, we think all his hard work was well worth it as it's easily one of the best rides at this year's show. Rumor has it it'll be racing time attack within the next month or so. That will be a sight - carbon-fibered Toyota classic tearing down the straightaway, engine at full song. We can't wait!

Front fender Photo 6/12   |   Front Fender
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