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2006 SEMA Aftermarket Auto Parts - The Goods

Standout products from SEMA 2006

Feb 8, 2007
0703_ec_01z+remus+exhaust_systems Photo 1/5   |   2006 SEMA Aftermarket Auto Parts - The Goods

Remus exhaust systems
After a few years away from the US market, Austrian exhaust manufacturer, Remus, returns with two new product lines. The Sport Sound is a more restrained traditional European performance exhaust, while the new Wild Label is a younger, tuner-oriented line featuring adjustable baffles and optional titanium tips. A manufacturer of OE as well as aftermarket tuner exhausts, Remus covers most European marques and offers several different exhaust tip and sound level

0703_ec_03z+status_racing+sport_seats Photo 2/5   |   2006 SEMA Aftermarket Auto Parts - The Goods

Status Racing sport seats
Many would like the support and weight savings of a one-piece race seat, but can't justify one in the daily driver. We still need access to the back seat, adjustability for when the significant other needs to borrow the car, etc. Seat manufacturers have been trying to make a good compromise for years. Status, a relative newcomer, may have come up with the goods. The Spa Seat is the first true two-piece composite seat on the market. Others have claimed this, but they generally have a composite back with a traditional seat bottom. This one is extremely comfortable while staying exceptionally light. Status claims the Kevlar version weighs just 11 pounds, about half the weight of most of its

0703_ec_02z+BBS+AIR_series_wheels Photo 3/5   |   2006 SEMA Aftermarket Auto Parts - The Goods

BBS AIR Series wheels
BBS has always been synonymous with cutting-edge European performance. This tradition continues with the release of the new AIR Series. These wheels are manufactured with hollow chambers to reduce weight while retaining strength. The AIR I wheel is a twisted five-spoke design that benefits from hollow spokes and shoulder, while the AIR II is a more traditional mesh design, utilizing the hollow shoulder and featuring a replaceable polished stainless steel lip.

0703_ec_04z+SPA+turbo_kit Photo 4/5   |   2006 SEMA Aftermarket Auto Parts - The Goods

SPA turbo kits
SPA Turbo Racing Products is relatively unknown in the US, but the company has spent years making complete turbo kits for European cars. High quality, consisting of cast manifolds, proprietary turbos and mandrel-bent tubing, the kits come with all the hardware and fittings needed for installation. Good for a wide range of applications, from Audis to BMWs to Volkswagens, SPA also offers a comprehensive line of accessories, such as blow-off/diverter valves, wastegates and fuel pressure regulators.

0703_ec_05z+stoptech+carbon_ceramic_brakes Photo 5/5   |   2006 SEMA Aftermarket Auto Parts - The Goods

Stoptech carbon-ceramic brakes
Technologically speaking, this may have been the most impressive thing at SEMA. A few OE manufacturers currently sell carbon rotors, but those are made from a chopped fiber composite. Stoptech has taken the carbon rotor to a new level, bringing aerospace and Formula One technology to the street. Its rotors are made from continuous fiber formed into a true carbon-carbon rotor, then impregnated with silicon to create the silicon carbide braking surface. We estimate a set could last a few hundred thousand miles. The big news is weight savings. The example shown here is for a Viper. By upgrading to the Stoptech set-up, a Viper would drop 70 pounds of rotating and unsprung mass-the best type to lose. No price yet, but Stoptech assures us it will be competitive.



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