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Aftermarket Auto Parts - March 2007 Gear

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Feb 9, 2007
0703_ec_04_z+pioneer_electronics+AVIC_D3 Photo 1/5   |   Aftermarket Auto Parts - March 2007 Gear

Pioneer's AVIC-D3 combines navigation, entertainment, and connectivity. It offers nearly 11 million points of interest (can 11 million places really be that interesting?), XM NavTraffic integration, voice prompting and telephone number search. It also provides MP3, WMA, AAC, DVD-video playback, iPod direct connection, and Bluetooth capability. It fits into most double-DIN (7x4-inch) dash openings to provide the look and feel of a factory-installed system. The 6.1-inch touch panel display offers operation of all sources. You can customize the illumination and select from eight colors and five graphical interface colors to match any dashboard and make it easy to read. RGB buttons offer more than 32,000 color variations.

0703_ec_01_z+eagle_one+tire_detailer Photo 2/5   |   Aftermarket Auto Parts - March 2007 Gear

Eagle One's Tire Detailer features a unique gel formula engineered to achieve a high-gloss, durable shine which, the company claims, lasts twice as long as many `trigger' sprays and only takes minutes to apply. Just squeeze the ergonomically shaped bottle to saturate the foam applicator with gel, then apply it directly to the tires--no more filthy rags. Pair it with All Wheel & Tire Cleaner for amazingly clean rubber.
Eagle One

0703_ec_03_z+AWE_tuning+high_performance_exhaust_system Photo 3/5   |   Aftermarket Auto Parts - March 2007 Gear

AWE Tuning now offers a high performance exhaust system for the 997 Porsche Turbo. It is built as a direct bolt-on replacement for the factory unit. AWE claims dyno-tested performance gains of around 23 hp and 30 lb-ft of torque at the crankshaft. Constructed from mandrel-bent 14- and 16-gauge stainless steel and German-made 200-cell metal catalysts, this exhaust system is engineered for long-term emissions compliance--no `check engine' lights. Careful attention has been paid to sound. According to AWE, it's clean and muscular (really) at wide-open throttle, with no part-throttle drone at cruising speeds.
AWE Tuning

0703_ec_05_z+toyo+versado_LX_tires Photo 4/5   |   Aftermarket Auto Parts - March 2007 Gear

Toyo's new Versado LX tire contains four longitudinal grooves featuring a `Silent Wall' design. This is a series of densely packed serrations along the wall that reduce `air rushing' or `whistling' noises at highway speeds. The tire also features assymmetric tread pattern with rigid blocks to improve cornering. Fits 15- to 18-inch wheel sizes up to a 255mm width.
Toyo Tires

0703_ec_02_z+EXE+rennsport_wheels Photo 5/5   |   Aftermarket Auto Parts - March 2007 Gear

The EXE Rennsport wheel is built specifically for Porsches. It is available in a diamond polished face and lip with anthracite accents, or with a `liquid silver' center and diamond polished lip. Notable features include generous caliper clearance for big brake kits and a massive 2.5-inch rear lip. Formats include 8.5x20 and 11x20 inches for the 997 Carrera, Cayman and Boxster, or a massive 10x22 for the Cayenne and Cayenne Turbo. Porsche factory emblems can be substituted for the EXE center caps.
EXE Wheels



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