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Ferrari, Porsche Design, Jaguar & More - Premiere Collection

Top-Notch Toys For The Most Discriminating Tastes

Feb 1, 2008
Epcp_0802_06_z+jaguar_cigar_cutter+top_view Photo 1/6   |   Ferrari, Porsche Design, Jaguar & More - Premiere Collection

Cut a Chubby off
Any quality cigar cutter will provide a precision clip, but not all are as elegant as this Jaguar Colibri cutter and punch. Lightweight and durable, constructed of duo-tech satin silver, and with laser-engraved Jaguar insignia.

Epcp_0802_03_z+ferrari_ascent+side_view Photo 2/6   |   Ferrari, Porsche Design, Jaguar & More - Premiere Collection

Ferrari blower
Not even the hip iPhone can match the status and ultra-exclusivity of Vertu's new Ferrari Ascent. Limited to only 1947 examples to commemorate Ferrari's 60th anniversary, features include a hand-polished titanium chassis encased with black-and-red Ferrari leather and a scaled-down Ferrari brake pedal on the back cover.

Epcp_0802_04_z+oakley_minute_machine+front_view Photo 3/6   |   Ferrari, Porsche Design, Jaguar & More - Premiere Collection

Annie time soon
Precision-crafted from lightweight titanium, the Oakley Minute Machine blends the tradition of Swiss watch making with Oakley's innovative design heritage. A Pure Safire face protects the chrono's six-hand display and precision 13-jewel movement. Measures cumulative time, intermediate time and split time, all down to a tenth of a second.

Epcp_0802_05_z+zino_platinum_cigar+top_view Photo 4/6   |   Ferrari, Porsche Design, Jaguar & More - Premiere Collection

Get a Chubby on
When speaking of cigars, words such as exceptional attention to detail and impeccable construction do not typically come to mind-unless the name Zino Platinum is mentioned. Its Chubby Especial is of the highest of caliber and taste, and the three-pack comes in an equally impressive brushed aluminum case.

Epcp_0802_01_z+porsche_design_p8400+side_view Photo 5/6   |   Ferrari, Porsche Design, Jaguar & More - Premiere Collection

High-spec Porsche
Inspired by Porsche's penchant for style, quality and technical perfection, the Porsche Design P8400 exemplifies the best of all three with sporty looks and quality construction. Features a titanium frame with transparent brown lenses.

Epcp_0802_02_z+maserati_desk_accessory+top_view Photo 6/6   |   Ferrari, Porsche Design, Jaguar & More - Premiere Collection

Mini Maser
Made from high-grade, polished aluminum, this beautifully sculpted 1:10 scale Maserati Quattroporte is exquisite in every detail and an ideal desk accessory for any automotive enthusiast.



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