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BMW, Ferrari, Audi - Premiere Collection

Top-Notch Toys For The Most Discriminating Tastes

Aug 1, 2008
Epcp_0808_01_z+bmw_pedal_pushbike+side_view Photo 1/6   |   BMW, Ferrari, Audi - Premiere Collection

Pedal Pusher
BMW has developed a children's foot-powered pushbike that converts easily into a traditional pedal-and-chain-operated bike once the child has developed a strong sense of balance-all without the aid of training wheels. The Kid's Bike features an easy-to-install pedal system and an adjustable seat designed to grow with children from the initial stages of learning to big-kid pedaling.

Epcp_0808_03_z+porsche_design_pipe+side_view Photo 2/6   |   BMW, Ferrari, Audi - Premiere Collection

Pipe Dream
With signature style and functionality, the Porsche Design P'3611 pipe incorporates the finest briar with a high cylinder, emphasizing a classic, streamlined look. Ribs cut into the material mimic the famous air-cooled Porsche boxer engines and create a thermal effect that cools the pipe bowl to a pleasant temperature and ultimately refining the overall experience. Oh, and it's wrapped in titanium. It's almost enough to bring pipe smoking back into fashion.

Epcp_0808_04_z+mercedes_benz_cooler+top_view Photo 3/6   |   BMW, Ferrari, Audi - Premiere Collection

Cold Fusion
Coleman, in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz and its Classic Collection line of accessories, now offers an authentic vintage replica of the cooler model first introduced in 1954. Complete with a Mercedes-Benz logo, it features sturdy construction with stainless steel locking clasps, hinges and handles with rubber grips. Its quality materials and ultra-efficient insulation can keep ice for up to three days in temperatures of up to 100 degrees F. Who says they don't make things like they used to?

Epcp_0808_06_z+audi_chandelier+side_view Photo 4/6   |   BMW, Ferrari, Audi - Premiere Collection

Light Fantastic
Audi's California-based design center teamed up with Ivalo Lighting and Lutron Electronics to create the Daedalus spiraling chandelier. The result is simultaneously whimsical and majestic. The helical structure measures five feet tall and 17 inches wide, and is suspended with aircraft cable from a ceiling plate. The pendant is composed of 30 etched glass blades illuminated by eight, energy-efficient dimmable halogen lamps.

Epcp_0808_05_z+ferrari_glasses+front_view Photo 5/6   |   BMW, Ferrari, Audi - Premiere Collection

Shady Deal
A Ferrari evokes style and presence, embodying everything that is Italian design: quality, beauty and state-of-the-art technology. These are also key features of Ferrari's new Luxury and Sport Elite line of eyewear, with such features as an exclusive rotational hinge opening system, echoing the design of the Enzo's gullwing doors. And it wouldn't be complete without a prancing horse logo on each arm.

Epcp_0808_02_z+jaguar_cufflinks+side_view Photo 6/6   |   BMW, Ferrari, Audi - Premiere Collection

Spiffy Sleeves
Nothing will show off your patronage and passion for your favorite marque quite like the subtle and classy look of these Jaguar signature cufflinks. These retro-inspired silver pieces are detailed in red and white, and bear a classic Jaguar inscription.



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