There's something of a ho-hum element to hybrids. But this is different. Not because it's a Lotus. Well, partly because it's a Lotus. But the Evora 414E Hybrid is an intriguing idea, even if the engine is only a 1.4-liter three-potter making a mere 47 hp. Because that's just part of the equation; the other part is an electric motor driving each rear wheel. The final tally works out to 403 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque. In a light car like the Evora, we're looking at zero to 60 mph in under four seconds. And a total range of 300 miles. A single-ratio transmission mimics a seven-speed sequential manual, with a little pre-programmed "jolt" on every change to provide some familiarity. And because electric cars can be sneaky, silent things, the 414E has its HALOsonic Internal and External Electronic Sound Synthesis systems. Offering four engine sounds to choose from, they provide a stirring soundtrack as well as a warning to other road users.