Next year, the Fiat 500 supermini will go sale in North America, courtesy of the Italian company's hookup with Chrysler. Expect no small amount of hoopla. One of the first rumblings has been this, the Prima Edizione (First Edition) limited-run 500. And not just any old member of Giovanni Public can buy one. He or she would also have to be a member of Club Fiat-Lancia Unlimited. What happened was this: The aforementioned collection of Fiat and Fulvia freaks had their annual get-together-showing off their cars and probably popping a sun-dried tomato or two. The head of Fiat marketing turned up and announced that when the Prima Edizione goes on sale, the first people in line to secure one of these collectible models would be them, as a reward for their loyalty to all things frail and rust-prone. The car comes with a 1.4-liter engine and a six-speed manual gearbox, and is available in Bianco (white), Rosso (red), or Grigio (gray). No word on price yet. If all the members of Club Fiat-Lancia Unlimited have not earmarked themselves every one of the 500 examples being built, then the rest of us can log on to and see what's left. Or it might be an idea to wait for the hot Abarth version.