It's either a brilliant ploy to find ideas for Iron Man 3 or Audi really does want to make the world a better place. Through its connection with the Iron Man movie franchise/product placement fest, Audi instigated a competition to find new inventions and called it the Tony Stark Innovation Challenge. Applicants pitched their ideas with a video, then the judging process took place. The winner is Natan Linder, a student at MIT (no surprise there), and he gets $15,000 in development funds for his light bulb. Yes, the light bulb has already been invented, but not a digital one with access to the Internet that can project web pages onto any surface. It even has a robotic arm. Linder calls it the LuminAR and the lucky SOB also gets to drive an R8 (Tony Stark/Iron Man's sports car of choice) around a track, visit Audi's California design studio, and a few other cool things. His video got 132,112 views on YouTube, the best performance in the competition. Wonder at the marvel (Marvel, get it?) of creation on