Audi is going there. Mercedes-Benz is too. Now VW has declared that the future of personal transportation is going to involve a lot of electricity. The company has its Electronic Research Laboratory (ERL) in California's Silicon Valley and is investing more than $6 billion in a push to become the world leader in global electric mobility by 2018. It has already started with plans for hybrid versions of the Jetta and Touareg, but there's also an all-electric Golf in the pipeline as well as the E-Up, VW's city car concept. The E-Up could be on American roads by 2013 and it's said to have an 80-mile range. This all makes sense because of future federal emissions and fuel economy standards. But just thinking here: If car companies could reach those standards easily, then there might be room for each one to make a fast-driving, gas-swilling niche model for the gearheads.