A while ago, Bentley broke the news that it was making a couple of limited-edition models for Saudi Arabia. Well, lucky old Saudis, they have precious crude oil coming out of their ears and now they get their own Bentleys. But if any American Bentley boys saw the move as an extended middle finger, please get off that high dudgeon. Because there will be two special winged-B models just for Democrats, Republicans, maybe even a few Teabaggers. They are versions of the Continental GTC and GTC Speed known as "80-11" models. They're only cosmetic jobs, with 20-inch, 14-spoke polished wheels, red brake calipers on the Speed model, and the option of an exclusive exterior color: Midnight. Oh, and little Union Jack badges. But it shows that Bentley hasn't forgotten us. The logic behind the numbers is that 80 examples of each 2011 model will be built.