There must be someone at Porsche employed just to think up fiendish ways of getting customers to spend more money. The Panamera now has a personalization program that offers more power, improved aerodynamics, and some extra visual pizazz. For $21,730, the Panamera Turbo may be upgraded with a Powerkit package that brings engine output up 40 hp and 37 lb-ft to 504 and 553, respectively. And there's the option of a Sport Plus mode upping twist to 590 lb-ft. It will only shave a tenth from the zero-to-60 time (now 3.9 seconds) though fuel consumption remains 15/23 mpg, and that's still a nice load of shove without having to pay a gas-guzzler tax. There's also a Sport Design body kit package ($4,590) and side skirts ($1,390), plus 20-inch Panamera Sport wheels available.