This bit was supposed to start off by focusing on a brand-new model from Porsche: a two-door SUV based on the Audi Q5 and called the Cajun. Seriously. But the ragin' Cajun might just have been strangled at birth. And we know who did it. His name is Matthias Müller (on the right of the picture) and he's the new CEO at Weissach after all that "Porsche buying VW then VW buying Porsche" nastiness. He has put a hold on new product while the company works out what it wants to do with its life. Or in business terms, conduct a review of its portfolio to determine the viability of its range. As far as we know, the 911 and Boxster are safe, but no Cajun quite yet or 356 Speedster, an open-top two-seater (with a VW-sourced 2.0-liter turbo) set to slot beneath the Boxster. And there were rumors a while back of a GTI-type of Porsche; now it's just a drawing on the cover of an old car magazine. Oddly enough, Müller is the guy who declared recently that Porsche could afford to run its own Formula One team. Wonder how long he's going to keep this job?