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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 - News Break

New Lancer Evolution 8 To Hit US Shores

Feb 1, 2003
Sstp_0302_01_z+mitsubishi_lancer_evolution_8_news+front_view Photo 1/1   |   Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 - News Break

Mitsubishi's AnswerThe year 1992 marked the first time the world witnessed the lightweight, turbocharged, all-wheel-drive, rally-inspired, compact four-door sedan that is the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Since then, the Evo series has presented the highest levels of performance, drivability, reliability, and durability on the streets and the track. In the Word Rally Championship (WRC), the Lancer Evolution won the Manufacturer's Championship in 1998 and brought driver Tommi Makinen a record four Driver Championships between 1996 and 1999. On the streets, the Evo exemplifies the overwhelming potential and unsurpassed road performance through its refined exterior, advanced turbocharged engine, and class-topping suspension. Now, February 2003 marks the first time the Evo will be sold at dealerships across the nation-under the badge of Lancer Evolution VIII. It will come equipped with Brembo brakes and Recaro seats, and is expected to retail under $30,000. This much-anticipated vehicle comes with a dynamically aggressive front-end design, characterized by Mitsubishi's trademark Diamond Cut Nose and exclusive multi-lamp headlight units. The engine will have an uncompromising turbocharger and large-capacity intercooler. According to Mitsubishi, "The specification of the Lancer Evolution sedan represents a smarter approach to the sports car theme with a layout that offers more utility and comfort than a coupe." With the much-liked Subaru WRX already established in America, Mitsubishi's answer will certainly raise quite a few eyebrows-this magazine already has with our Evo VII feature in last month's issue.

Hottest Game Of The YearGrand Theft Auto: Vice City features complicated missions, a colorful storyline, and over 100 hours of addictive entertainment-all set in the '80s. This is the latest installment in one of the most widely recognized video game franchises in the world. Set in Vice City, the players go through a mysterious labyrinth filled with deadly consequences and seedy underworld agents. As an essential supplement to the game, BradyGames introduces The Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Official Strategy Guide, which helps gamers get on the fast track to becoming enterprising criminals, including expert tactics that detail what vehicles to drive, where to go, and who to knock off to earn respect and cash. According to David Waybright, publisher of BradyGames, "To say that the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an 'event' would be putting it mildly. We've tried to approach the strategy guide with the passion and innovation that this game deserves." The game and the guide are in stores now.

Hot Wheels-35 And ExpandingMost adult males tend to reflect on their childhood and treasure one line of toys tenfold above the rest-their Hot Wheels collection. What makes us auto enthusiasts different, however, is that we haven't grown out of collecting them. Luckily, Mattel hasn't grown out of creating them either. This year, Hot Wheels looks forward to its 35th anniversary, and celebrations are definitely in order. With plans to roll out all-new versions of shrunken cars under the Highway 35 guise, we'll bear witness to all kinds of inventive items, from the Ultimate Track Set to the World Race games for the PS2, Gamecube, and Game Boy Advance. Although many of the new 1:18- and 1:64-scale Highway 35 Adult Collectibles (Beatnik Bandit, Deora II, etc.) will probably be more interesting to dads and uncles because they commemorate the original hot rod era, rest assured that Hot Wheels is not forgetting about us import fans. The line of die-cast Tunerz vehicles is growing exponentially, and we anticipate some fantastic items to fill up our rooms and offices with this year. In case you're wondering who that elderly gentleman pictured is, that's Mr. Elliot Handler, the guy who created Hot Wheels back in 1968. He made a cameo to celebrate 35 years of miniature automotive greatness, and we were lucky enough to shake hands with him. We give him our highest score-0 0 0 0 0-for rocking.


With no relation to our own Jonathan Wong (unless the DNA results show otherwise), Andrew Wong surprised all the editors with his beautifully put together JDM Pose compilation. In what seemed like a busted contest, Andrew broke through in the end, with poses that make Japanese tuners look like a bunch of tired old figure skaters. Just look at his creative artistry. It's unprecedented. First, let's break down the clothing-1985 Oakland Raiders gray sweatpants, fake Gucci fisherman hat, thrift-store sweater, 1975 loose tubesocks, and recalled Nike Air Maxes evoke a feeling of utter desperation. His glasses make him look smart, as if he just finished a 72-hour C++ programming session or numerous attempts to hack into government Web sites. His unshaven appearance could possibly attract the ladies who like the roughneck look, but is quickly cancelled out by the fact that he's wearing his freakin' pajamas. According to Jonathan, the brains behind the famous acronym, "While it may be humorous to look at JDM poses in Option2, it doesn't look quite as entertaining when a bunch of silly Americans (or in Andrew's case, Canadians) do it. However, he takes the cake-not only did he manage to send us one, but three different poses. And let me tell you, Andrew is a really, really, really weird guy. But at least he's a winner! Congratulations, Andrew!" Well put, Jonny. Andrew is definitely a winner, in a very eclectic kind of way. So expect to get your 1:43-scale model cars of the Autobacs A'PEXi MR-S and the ARTA NSX, the JGTC Official Program of Round 5, and an ARTA racing team cap in the mail-all signed by the drivers. And congratulations again, Andrew.

Tamiya Integra Type R RC ContestSince 1948, Tamiya has produced countless model kits from wooden ships to RC cars. They are the leading creators of quality hobby products, and this 1:10-scale, blue Integra Type R is no exception. In fact, it's so nice we don't even think we deserve it, so we're giving it away to our loyal readers who have been unjustifiably chased down by the police. In order for you to win this immaculate machine, you need to show us a copy of your most egregious traffic violation, and send it to Super Street RC Car Contest, 6420 Wilshire Blvd., 9th floor, Los Angeles, CA 90048 or e-mail them to, with RC Contest in the subject line. The staff will judge who has been screwed over the most by The Man. Since you're probably not driving anyway because you're either spending time in jail, your license has been suspended, or mom and pops took your keys away, this RC car is perfect for you.



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