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2010 Subaru WRX STi SE - New Car Joy Ride

STI Special Edition & Legacy 2.5GT

Jonathan Wong
May 21, 2010

Just when it seemed that Subaru's STI couldn't get any better, Subaru went ahead and made it better - for us car enthusiasts, at least. This year marks the release of the Special Edition version of the famed flagship car, which is pretty much the same car you know and love but comes stripped of what many consider "unnecessary luxuries", like the HIDs (boo), automatic climate control and 6-disc CD player - things you probably don't use, would remove eventually or upgrade anyway. While the engine remains as one would find it in the standard issue STI - with a 2.5L DOHC intercooled, turbocharged Boxer engine with 305hp and 290lb-ft - Subaru found it fitting to bless the SE with an improved suspension, using increased spring rates and a beefier rear anti-sway bar to provide you with a more spirited driving experience. Even the JDM STI Spec C's 18-inch wheels are included as part of the package and the first 125 who are committed to buying the STI SE will get the car in a very exclusive Aspen White color (after that they're available in the tradition STI colors). We recommend springing for the Aspen White SEs, not only for the exclusivity but because it's the only chance you'll have at being truly exclusive for only $32,995 (MSRP), a cool $2K under the standard STI's base MSRP. With the money saved, you can put it towards more performance parts for a more cost-effective build and that means plenty in our world.

Sstp_1006_01_o+2010_subaru_wrx_sti_se+side_shot Photo 2/6   |   2010 Subaru WRX STi SE - New Car Joy Ride

Those new car smells

2010 Subaru STI SE
The sticker $32,995 (msrp)
Engine 2.5l dohc intercooled, turbocharged ej257
The power 305hp, 290lb-ft
Scale tipping 3,400lbs
Layout front engine, all-wheel drive
Gearbox 6-Speed Manual
Suspension & Chassis JDM STI Spec C-derived springs and rear sway bar
Wheels & Tires JDM STI Spec C edition 18'' wheels; Bridgestone Potenza RE-070 tires
Deep Thoughts
A true enthusiast's STI has finally arrived. If only it came with a few more of the Spec C's upgrades, it'd be perfect, but then again it'd be a Spec C. We can dream, can't we?

Sstp_1006_03_o+2010_subaru_wrx_sti_se+top_shot Photo 3/6   |   2010 Subaru WRX STi SE - New Car Joy Ride

The Legacy 2.5GT, on the other hand, is an alternative that some of you should consider if the prospect of owning a STI SE is still too rich for your blood. With an entry point of $27,995, this sedan packs an impressive 265hp punch of its own from a 2.5L DOHC engine that's intercooled and turbocharged like its STI sibling, and comes strictly as a 6-speed manual (sweet!) with an AWD drivetrain. It may not have quite the power delivery and handling prowess as the STI either, but you can still have a lot of fun trying as the Legacy 2.5GT easily proves its worth for being "just a sedan". Need tuning ideas? There is plenty of inspiration from the Japanese and at last year's SEMA show, one was treated to a bippu (VIP) make-over with airbags and flushed wheels (see our sister publication Import Tuner's May issue for this feature).

Sstp_1006_02_o+2010_subaru_legacy+front_view Photo 4/6   |   2010 Subaru WRX STi SE - New Car Joy Ride

2010 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT
The sticker $27,995 (MSRP)
Engine 2.5L DOHC intercooled, turbocharged
The power 265hp, 258lb-ft
Scale tipping 3,477lbs
Layout front engine, all-wheel drive
Gearbox 6-Speed Manual
Suspension & Chassis Jdm Sti Spec C-Derived Springs And Rear Sway Bar
Wheels & Tires 18x7'' aluminum alloys; 225/45r18 tires
Deep Thoughts
It's one of the most unassuming choices available on the market today with plenty of aftermarket support, if you seek it out. Surprise yourself and give one a test drive.

Sstp_1006_04_o+2010_subaru_legacy+rear_view Photo 5/6   |   2010 Subaru WRX STi SE - New Car Joy Ride

Ice Ice Baby
You can't truly understand how totally f'in bueno any of Subaru's vehicles are (especially if you're from So Cal, like me) unless you've had the chance to put them through the ringer in environments that they were produced to excel in - like snow and off the pavement, for example. This past winter, Subaru brought out famed Norwegian rally driver, John Haugland, a 27-time world rally champion, who taught Petter Solberg and a few other racers a thing or two about rally racing, to come and teach a few automotive journalists a few things about putting around on an ice course. I can't say that I'll be Subaru's next star rally driver, but I can say that having Haugland riding shotgun with me in both a WRX and STI, while giving me invaluable instruction, is an experience I'll never forget. Most of all, I put these car's technologies to good use, which is being able to go fast and keep it controlled, even if it's being done on not-so-typical surfaces.

Sstp_1006_05_o+2010_subaru_wrx_sti_se+front_shot Photo 6/6   |   2010 Subaru WRX STi SE - New Car Joy Ride
By Jonathan Wong
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