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2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon - New Car Joy Ride

The Return Of The 5-Door Hatchback

Charles Trieu
Feb 23, 2011
Photographer: Courtesy of Acura

Okay not really a hatchback, the new 2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon is Honda's way of coming back with a wagon. Not since the '94-97 Accord CD has there been a wagon from AHM (American Honda Motor Co.). We all saw how popular the '88-91 Civic Shuttle Wagon and the '84-87 Civic Wagovan became. Will Acura's first wagon be a hit with our scene as well?

Sstp_1103_03_o+2011_acura_tsx_sport_wagon+rear_right_view Photo 2/10   |   2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon - New Car Joy Ride

Fortunately, the car is not offered in a V6 option like the TSX sedan. The wagon is currently only available as an inline-four option. Yes, I did say fortunately. The four-cylinder engine is a K24, and yes, that means all the aftermarket support for the K-series engines will work on this car. This also means that since the car is only available with an automatic transmission, you could potentially bolt up a DC5 6-speed manual transmission with use of the TSX pedals and shifter assembly. Someone will definitely do the conversion, but who will be first?

Standard options on the car are heated seats, moonroof, HID headlights, roof rack, Bluetooth, satellite radio, iPod compatible and a USB port. But for nearly $4k more, you can upgrade to the Technology Package that includes navigation, AcuraLink, real-time traffic and weather, premium 10-speaker package with a 15Gb hard drive and a motorized tailgate.

Sstp_1103_05_o+2011_acura_tsx_sport_wagon+front_view Photo 3/10   |   2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon - New Car Joy Ride

Other than Subaru and Mitsubishi, there are no wagons coming from Japan to the US market. All your other wagon options come from - well lets just say, a less than reliable manufacturer. I know there are several people out there who prefer wagons to sedans and this could possibly be the answer for a lot of you. There's just something cool about a long hearse-looking car that's been slammed to the ground.

Priced From:
$30,960 (base), $34,610 (Technology Package)

Hot Features:
More room than an A4 wagon, BMW 328i wagon or Volvo V50 T5; 201hp K24 engine with potential for tons of performance; 22/30 MPG; standard heated seats, moonroof, HID headlights, roof rack, Bluetooth, satellite radio, iPod compatible and a USB port

Deep Thoughts
This is one of those cars that you get in and forget that you're in it. As big and long as it looks, it still feels and drives exactly like a TSX sedan, neither heavy nor underpowered. Although only a 4-cylinder, it's a big 2.4L four banger. And being FWD means no big-ass transmission, driveshaft and rear end to weigh the car down more. The car is luxurious as a new car can be with almost every option standard. At the same time this wagon is stays nimble and fun to drive. Even though I'm single, this would be a great car for me. I can't stand SUVs and box cars, but would love something to haul camera equipment and car parts around in.

Sstp_1103_06_o+2011_acura_tsx_sport_wagon+right_side_view Photo 7/10   |   2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon - New Car Joy Ride

But Can You Modify It?
Hellz yea. Engine-wise there's already everything from pistons to turbo kits for the K24. As far as aesthetics, just check out the sidebar pictures of the TSX Wagon that Acura employees started on. Mugen, OEM and JDM goodies all available from other parts of the world. You won't be able to get them at your Acura dealership, but that's always been a part of Mugen's exclusiveness. Any JDM specialty shop should be able to order you the parts soon.

By Charles Trieu
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