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Zoomer Con 2013 Takes Nippon

The scooter revolution moves forward...

Yoshiyuki Hatano
Sep 12, 2013

From the start, Rucksters have always looked to Japan for inspiration and guidance for our own creative juices. They are, without a doubt, the innovators of all things custom scooter-related. Cornering every element of the scooter world with their visionary thinking and ingenuity, no one in the Ruckus community can deny where the roots of this scene originally sprouted. Without them, we would not be where we are today.

In early 2012, we started exporting our line of rPRO Ruckus parts to Japan. Within a few months, our Japanese dealers were ordering parts more frequently than our U.S. dealers. Supply and demand was on the rise, as well as our relationship overseas, and the timing could not have been any better. We knew immediately that we had to step up to the plate and move to the next level before someone else did. So I booked a plane ticket and started planning Zoomer Con with Makoto Kikuchi from SCR Works in Tokyo. One thing led to another and eventually I had an entire network of support from both sides of the Pacific. Tokyo Parts, Rat Koubou, Alpinestars, Motochamp Magazine, and the Rafu Shimpo Newspaper all played a key role in making Zoomer Con an event of epic proportions. Furthermore, iKUZTOM is releasing a two-part documentary of my entire trip on this April.

Zoomer con 2013 jam master motor build 05 Photo 2/52   |  
Jam Master Motor build

What happened in Ibaraki that day will echo through the Ruckus/Zoomer community for a very long time. Not only was it the first Zoomer Con ever, but it also marked the first time Zoomer/Ruckus shops and riders from all over Japan came to one location. Moreover, it was the first time East and West joined hands for a greater cause. My goals from the beginning were to meet the people on a real and personal level, to open a web of communication and transcend the scene beyond its current standing. Generating growth in all aspects is the key for the future of the Ruckus/Zoomer market and is vital not only to Rucksters, but to every other related entity. The only way to do that is to promote and make real connections. This much I know. As for round two, only time will tell...

Fast Facts

Itinerary March 10 - Ibaraki, Japan

  • Meet at Tokyo Parts
  • Group ride to Potiron Forest Park (Con location)
  • Zoomer/Ruckus show, prizes, raffle and award ceremony
  • Sponsors: Rucksters, SCR Works, Tokyo Parts, Rat Koubou, and Alpinestars
  • Zoomer/Ruckus entries: 60
  • Spectators: Approximately 200

Zoomer con 2013 micro sized zoomer replica 08 Photo 12/52   |  
A micro-sized Zoomer replica built by a father for his son!
Zoomer con 2013 SCR works zoomer 10 Photo 19/52   |  
SCR Works’ People’s Choice award-winning build
Zoomer con 2013 honda zoomer 11 Photo 23/52   |  
Mind-blowing Zoomer built to perfection
Zoomer con 2013 hai truong and motochamp choice award winner 12 Photo 27/52   |  
Hai Truong (left) stands next to the Motochamp Choice award winner
Zoomer con 2013 rat koubou 14 Photo 31/52   |  
Rat Koubou build in Lakers colors
Zoomer con 2013 honda zoomer 18 Photo 35/52   |   Zoomer Con 2013 Honda Zoomer 18
Zoomer con 2013 honda zoomer 28 Photo 39/52   |   Zoomer Con 2013 Honda Zoomer 28
Zoomer con 2013 olive green zoomer 47 Photo 46/52   |   Zoomer Con 2013 Olive Green Zoomer 47


Arcadia, CA 91006
By Yoshiyuki Hatano
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