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7th Annual SpoCom Consumer and Tradeshow - California Dreams

Scene: SpoCom; Anaheim Convention Center—Anaheim, CA

Dec 17, 2013
Photographers: Sean Russell, Matthew Jones

In the heart of Anaheim, California is Disneyland, where millions of kids and their parents go to make their dreams come true. But if you’re hardcore car guys like us, we dream of something a little different. Instead of Splash Mountain and “it’s a small world,” we’re dreaming of widebody GT-Rs and big boobies. And just like that… on this fine Saturday in July across the street from Disneyland at the Anaheim Convention Center, our dreams came true at the 7th annual SpoCom Consumer and Tradeshow.

Walking into the convention center halls, we were overwhelmed with the positive feel of SpoCom starting with the people. Thousands of car and model hungry spectators made for a good flow of foot traffic—a good sign to see as the lack of attendance has hurt the SoCal show scene in the past.

The main draw of SpoCom was none other than the car show field. Over 300 rides adorned the convention center that included everything from Japanese, Euro, domestic, VIP, truck and even a large motorcycle class.

The vendor presence was more noticeable this year as well giving a tradeshow feel back to SpoCom. If you were an enthusiast or someone who worked in the industry, you had the chance to meet with 30 different companies and check out their latest products. There was also a strong lifestyle presence. You could find anything from the latest kicks, threads, vapes, stickers and more from a number of companies who support our industry.

Lastly, we gotta hand it to the ladies. There were more than 100 girls in the house! Not just the usual faces either; there were plenty of models that flew in from all around the nation to look all pretty at SpoCom. We’ll be featuring some of our favorites in the coming issues.

This year’s SpoCom was definitely unforgettable and the biggest one yet. If next year’s anything like this one, better make plans to go. It was a dream come true for us but if cars and girls aren’t your thing, Disneyland’s across the street.


Spocom anaheim convention center despicable me Photo 5/17   |   That’s despicable.
Spocom anaheim convention center model Photo 9/17   |   7th Annual SpoCom Consumer and Tradeshow - California Dreams
Spocom anaheim convention center street bikes Photo 13/17   |   7th Annual SpoCom Consumer and Tradeshow - California Dreams
Spocom anaheim convention center rosie ly Photo 17/17   |   Australian model, Rosie Ly.
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