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Liberty Walk Builds at SEMA 2013

A showcase of the mega-popular Japanese super tuner

Toni Avery
Nov 15, 2013
Photographer: Jofel Tolosa

Wide, unmistakable and aggressive describes Liberty Walk, a tuner that today can do no wrong. Its widebody builds took SEMA 2013 by storm and we tracked them down for your viewing pleasure. Italian, JDM, Bavarian and Lamborghini, the LTMW presence touched on a range of popular worldwide platforms. Some people might call its work sacrilege, but we like to call it amazing.

Below you will find a collection of Liberty Walk cars displayed at SEMA. Some have made the rounds since car show season started earlier in the year and two were debuted for all to see in Vegas. There is no question that the most buzzed about build at the show this year was the ridiculous Ferrari 458 Italia seen below. Let us know which was your favorite in the comments section below.

Ferrari 458 Italia Liberty Walk front Photo 2/43   |   Ferrari 458 Italia Liberty Walk Front

Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Italia

Located in the Nitto Tires booth, the star of the show was unquestionably this Liberty Walk Ferrari 458. Anyone who is willing to cut into the body of an Italian exotic has earned our respect. We were lucky enough to speak with Wataru Kato, the man behind this rolling sculpture and the company, to gain insight into the car.

Major modification include: Liberty Walk widebody kit, cut fenders and frame, lowered via suspension upgrade, bumper, diffusor and ducktail plus a swapped front diffusor, and IPE exhaust. The Liberty Walk kit will run you about $25000 and orders are already in place. Believe it or not, but build time on this car was only about one week.

Would you do this to a Ferrari? Most don't have the guts, but we love that Liberty Walk takes no prisoners with its bend the rules attitude.

1310 Liberty Walk GTR Phoenix Power Intercooler Photo 6/43   |   938A0920

Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R

The second big Liberty Walk debut at SEMA, this Nissan GT-R is every bit as awesome as the rest. With killer looks and an oh-so-wide body we wanted to be sure and snap a few photos.

Major modifications include: 600hp engine thanks to a Phoenix intercooler, exhaust system and ECU management, CSD adjustable platinum VIP coilovers, 20" Forgiato wheels, front widened 1.9" and rear widened 3.1", custom upholstery and Takata harnesses.

If you love the brute AWD power of the GT-R than this more aggressive example may be your ticket. Godzilla gained some new attitude thanks to Liberty Walk.

2008 Liberty Walk BMW M3 front Photo 10/43   |   2008 Liberty Walk BMW M3 Front

Liberty Walk 2008 BMW M3

Previously featured in the October issue of european car magazine we found this muscular M3 at the Vortech booth. There are just some colors that don't pair, but we happen to love this flat grey and neon green combination.

Major modifications include: 3999cc V8 32v engine with ESS Tuning VT1-550 supercharger kit, Arqray exhaust, Mastermind NA X-Pipe, QTP remote cut-out, CKS coilovers with Swift springs, Rotiform SNA wheels and Nitto Invo tires, Liberty Walk Version2 widebody kit with four fender flares, carbon fiber front spoiler and Type2 rear wing, front splitter and rear bumper trim pieces, Grigio Telesto paint and Verde Ithaca accents.

Seeing this car again made us realize just why we featured it. Not only does it look especially mean, but there is nothing else like it on the road.

Airlift Liberty Walk BMW 335i front Photo 14/43   |   Airlift Liberty Walk BMW 335I Front

Liberty Walk BMW 335i

Whether you want to call it salmon or red, this 335i's finish grabs your attention. Another amongst a growing presence of Liberty Walk cars, we found this one at the Airlift booth.

Major modifications include: Liberty Walk widebody kit, Rotiform wheels, upgraded seats, rear cage, and Airlift suspension with custom rear arms.

The air suspension lowers the ride height four inches while allowing for up to eight presets that can even be used mid-driving. The top of the line Airlift system costs $3000-$4000 depending on how elaborate you want to go with the air management system. The suspension was designed to be used both on street and track, on par if not better than conventional coilover systems, according to Airlift.

2007 Liberty Walk BMW 328xi SportsTouring Wagon rear Photo 18/43   |   2007 Liberty Walk BMW 328Xi Sportstouring Wagon Rear

Liberty Walk 2007 BMW 328xi Sports Touring Wagon

Once we arrived at the Toyo Tire Treadpass car show outside of the SEMA convention center we were greeted by this ultra-wide 328xi wagon. Not a full out LTMW build, this customer car was definitely worth a second look.

Major modifications include: Liberty Walk BMW M3 widebody flare kit (heavily modified), HRE three-piece S107 wheels (Battleship Grey outers with Florescent Yellow inners), Rotora 6-piston front and 4-piston rear brakes, KW Suspensions V3 coilovers, JSP Fab exhaust, Heatshield Products exhaust wrap, and Recaro Sportster CS seats.

Although there are currently no performance upgrades, the owner plans to conduct an extensive drivetrain swap using either a 335i or 335d replacement. The body kit was heavily modified to fit. Every piece was modified to fit and in some cases portions were completely remade as they didn't fit the wagon chassis. Over 100 hours were spent on these changes. Now that's dedication.

2008 Liberty Walk Lamborghini Murcielago front Photo 22/43   |   2008 Liberty Walk Lamborghini Murcielago Front

Liberty Walk 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago

Yet another previously featured car on our list. We saw this beefed up Murcielago at the LTMW Summer Show earlier this year and were pleased to see it again at SEMA amongst its Liberty Walk brethren. Just like the 458 mentioned above, this widebody Murcielago puts those willing to cut it up in a special club.

Major modifications inlclude: Liberty Walk widebody kit, front bumper type 2 and rear bumper, side and rear diffusor, rear wing Version 3 and headlight trim, IPE exhaust with Liberty Walk tips and LB performance wheels.

If you had to choose between this widebody exotic or the 458, which would it be? We'll take both, please.

2007 Liberty Walk BMW 335 front Photo 26/43   |   2007 Liberty Walk BMW 335 Front

Liberty Walk 2007 BMW 335

On our way back into the convention center we ran into yet another widebodied Liberty Walk BMW. While this 335 doesn't feature any wild colors its 'out of my way' aggressive front end and menacing wide body kept us interested.

Major modification's include: Liberty Walk front and rear bumpers, fender flares, Volk G25 wheels, FFTEC Motorsports top mount twin scroll single turbo kit with Precision 6262 turbo, charge piping and ECU calibration, Vishnu FFTEC in line fuel pump kit and PWM methanol injection kit, ETS 7-inch race intercooler, Spec aluminum flywheel and stage 2+ clutch kit, Synapse synchronic driverter valve, Quaife ATB LSD, and KW Club Sport coilovers.

We've shown you plenty of M3s, but this 335 really took us by surprise.

Ferrari 458 Italia Liberty Walk fender 003 Photo 30/43   |   Ferrari 458 Italia Liberty Walk Fender 003
Airlift Liberty Walk BMW 335i front detail Photo 34/43   |   Airlift Liberty Walk BMW 335I Front Detail
2007 Liberty Walk BMW 328xi SportsTouring Wagon trunk detail Photo 38/43   |   2007 Liberty Walk BMW 328Xi Sportstouring Wagon Trunk Detail
2008 Liberty Walk Lamborghini Murcielago detail Photo 42/43   |   2008 Liberty Walk Lamborghini Murcielago Detail
1310LibertyWalkGTRFrontHeadlights Photo 43/43   |   1310-Liberty-Walk-GTR-Front-Headlights
By Toni Avery
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