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Jaguar Alive Driving Experience (w/video)

Premium lineup highlighted and driven at invite-only event

Apr 7, 2014

Jaguar Alive Driving Experience Details:

  • Occurred at StubHub Center lot in Carson, CA
  • Invite-only showcase of Jaguar performance models including F-Type
  • Three closed-courses for hands-on driving
  • Professional race driving instructors on-hand

Seldom does a brand extend a consumer-based offer to drive its full premium lineup of vehicles in one action packed day. The Jaguar Alive Driving Experience did just that in a sectioned off portion of the large StubHub Center parking lot in Los Angeles, CA this past month. We made the short drive south from HQ to join in and enjoy some premium seat time in the flagship Jaguar 550hp V8 XJR, XKR and V8 F-Type.

Jaguar Alive Driving Experience LA 1 Photo 25/25   |   Jaguar Alive Driving Experience LA 1

Invited consumers, prospective Jaguar buyers and a handful of media arrived for the roughly two-hour experience that focused on highlighting the brand’s latest technology through sit-down discussion and hands-on driving.

Jaguar Alive Driving Experience LA 12 Photo 6/25   |   Jaguar Alive Driving Experience LA 12

Upon entering the Jaguar concierge area, we were met with a parked F-Type Coupe, a timeline of the company’s past and food/beverage. Each invitee received a revolving start time that began with sales speak and led to three distinct cones courses led by Jaguar driving representatives that included racer Davy Jones and Roberto Guerrero– this process continued throughout each day of the weekend event.

Jaguar Alive Driving Experience LA 16 Photo 7/25   |   Jaguar Alive Driving Experience LA 16

The three Jaguar driving zones included: Performance, Technology and Dynamics. The new F-Type led the Performance portion in what was a small snaking cones course that allowed the driver to feel both V6 and V8 F-Type Convertible in action – to about 50-60mph.

Jaguar Alive Driving Experience LA 9 Photo 11/25   |   Jaguar Alive Driving Experience LA 9

Next up, the Technology portion highlighted the brand’s intelligent all-wheel-drive system by way of a wet incline pyramid and sandy hard left from stop under heavy acceleration. Invitees first rounded the course in a XF or XJ AWD vehicle without stability and traction control on before doing it again with driver aids. As you can imagine, traction and throttle input changed to the sedate and planted when running in a Jaguar nannied mode. For those wondering, the AWD system adds about 150 lb.

Jaguar Alive Driving Experience LA 20 Photo 15/25   |   Jaguar Alive Driving Experience LA 20

The Dynamics autocross course was simply an area to experience the XFR and XKR under heavy throttle and braking. From a short start line sprint to tight corners and a sweeping left, we left wanting a larger venue to really open up these Jaguar vehicles.

Jaguar Alive Driving Experience LA 24 Photo 19/25   |   Jaguar Alive Driving Experience LA 24

The Jaguar Alive Driving Experience offered a nice side-by-side comparison of the brand’s 2014 lineup in an easy-going atmosphere. It was a meeting of local SoCal Jaguar fans. Not every autocross cone made it out alive but everyone left with a smile. We’ll take a V8 F-Type.

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