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Top 12 JDM FR-S/BRZ Parts from Tokyo Auto Salon 2015

Must-have new products for 86 owners

Jan 21, 2015

Few recent releases have had such an impact on the tuner industry as the Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ. One could argue this fun RWD platform saved the tuning scene - illustrated at Tokyo Auto Salon the past few years. Aftermarket diversity was lacking when the hot coupe came out; everyone and their mommas rocked the same parts simply because parts were limited.

Tokyo Auto Salon Day 2

Now, however, tuning shops all over the world are figuring out how to make the Toyota 86 much better. While SEMA only happened a few months ago, there's no better place to find the latest and greatest than the country the chassis originated from, Japan.

Some of you might know that I drive a Scion FR-S, so naturally I gravitated towards products for the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ while at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon. After recovering from jetlag and dropping gigs of photos on my computer, I narrowed down the most awesome 86/FR-S/BRZ products into the Top 15 you'll find below:


Carbon Fiber Intake Box

Tokyo Auto Salon Top FRS Products JUN AUTO Intake 01 Photo 2/13   |   Tokyo-Auto-Salon-Top-FRS-Products-JUN-AUTO-Intake-01

Instead of sucking in hot air with an open air cleaner, JUN designed this carbon intake box alternative. Because it's separated from the heated engine bay, it delivers cool air to the engine effectively.

High Lift Camshaft

Tokyo Auto Salon Top FRS Products JUN AUTO camshaft 02 Photo 3/13   |   Tokyo-Auto-Salon-Top-FRS-Products-JUN-AUTO-camshaft-02

JUN Auto has produced high-output engines for 60 years. I'm pretty sure these high lift camshafts are guaranteed to crank out more horsepower from your FA20 motor.


Exhaust Manifold

Tokyo Auto Salon Top FRS Products Blitz exhaust manifold 03 Photo 4/13   |   Tokyo-Auto-Salon-Top-FRS-Products-Blitz-exhaust-manifold-03

Improve exhaust flow with this beautifully made exhaust manifold.

Advanced Power Air Cleaner

Tokyo Auto Salon Top FRS Products Blitz intake 04 Photo 5/13   |   Tokyo-Auto-Salon-Top-FRS-Products-Blitz-intake-04

By using a large diameter funnel, this Advanced Power Air Cleaner more easily achieves high-intake efficiency. The anodized blue cooling shield looks pretty sick too!

Racing Oil Cooler Kit

Tokyo Auto Salon Top FRS Products Blitz oil cooler 05 Photo 6/13   |   Tokyo-Auto-Salon-Top-FRS-Products-Blitz-oil-cooler-05

Adopting the standard Delon cup type core, it's designed to be mounted in a variety of positions. A built-in thermostat is used for accurate oil temperature readings.

Bolt-On Turbo System

Tokyo Auto Salon Top FRS Products Blitz bolt on turbo 06 Photo 7/13   |   Tokyo-Auto-Salon-Top-FRS-Products-Blitz-bolt-on-turbo-06

This is Blitz's answer to your undeniable power craving.

Voltex Swan Neck spoiler

Tokyo Auto Salon Top FRS Products Voltex swan neck spoiler 07 Photo 8/13   |   Tokyo-Auto-Salon-Top-FRS-Products-Voltex-swan-neck-spoiler-07

I'll admit this spoiler isn't for everyone, but I think it looks amazeballs. Just check out the Weld Scion FR-S or Ken Gushi's personal car.


Super Ex Basic Version exhaust manifold

Tokyo Auto Salon Top FRS Products Fujitsubo exhaust manifold 08 Photo 9/13   |   Tokyo-Auto-Salon-Top-FRS-Products-Fujitsubo-exhaust-manifold-08

This manifold is manufactured from high quality SUS304 steel to improve exhaust efficiency and engine response while keeping decibel levels at a reasonable volume. This one will definitely do a number on your wallet though at a price of 259,200 yen, roughly $2,000 - get it while the exchange rate is in our favor!

Authorize V version 2

Tokyo Auto Salon Top FRS Products Fujitsubo exhaust 09 Photo 10/13   |   Tokyo-Auto-Salon-Top-FRS-Products-Fujitsubo-exhaust-09

Fujitsubo's exhausts are perfect for tuners that don't want an extremely loud note, but require power gains. Even at 5,000rpm the exhaust tested at 83 dB . However smash the pedal to redline and you'll have it screaming up to 100 dB.

Cusco Supercharger

Tokyo Auto Salon Top FRS Products Cusco Supercharger 10 Photo 11/13   |   Tokyo-Auto-Salon-Top-FRS-Products-Cusco-Supercharger-10

This supercharger was designed specifically for the high compression nature of the FA20. The twin-screw type supercharger increases power by 32.4% and torque over 43% (according to the manufacturer) and is a completely bolt-on.

Enkei 6666 wheels

Tokyo Auto Salon Top FRS Products Enkei 6666 wheels 11 Photo 12/13   |   Tokyo-Auto-Salon-Top-FRS-Products-Enkei-6666-wheels-11

Although these debuted last year, these wheels and the FR-S/BRZ is a match made in heaven.

Waste Sports Carbon Front Under Spoiler

Tokyo Auto Salon Top FRS Products Waste Products underspoiler 12 Photo 13/13   |   Tokyo-Auto-Salon-Top-FRS-Products-Waste-Products-underspoiler-12

This handmade spoiler is an easy bolt-on mod for an aggressive face.

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