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5 Dope Toyota AE86s from Toyotafest 2016

The best from the 21st Annual all-Toyota show

May 25, 2016

If you've been keeping up with my Sarap Life column, you'd know that I'm a die-hard Toyota fan and I've been trying to cop an AE86 for a long time. As you can imagine, Toyotafest is one of my favorite events of the year. Sure, registration closed faster than you can get your hands on a pair of Yeezeys, and not all of the show-worthy cars get it in, but I digress. This year marked Toyotafest's 21st anniversary and again returned to the Queen Mary event park. Although the 86 count was pretty low, I still managed to find five ridiculously awesome AE86s.

Adrian Siazon's 1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S

Toyota corolla gts trueno front bumper Photo 2/19   |   Toyota Corolla Gts Trueno Front Bumper

Sometimes all you need is a good set of wheels to make a car special. Adrian's Siazon has a set of TE37Vs and if you didn't know, the V stands for vintage and is perfect for, you guessed it, a classic car like the 86. The Trueno front bumper is a nice JDM touch, too.

James Ota's 1985 Toyota Corolla

Toyota corolla gts kouki bumper Photo 6/19   |   Toyota Corolla Gts Kouki Bumper

If there was a car that made me whisper "86 goals," it would no doubt be James' Toyota Corolla. The exterior and interior is made up of legit kouki parts and dropped on Greddy coilovers. The t-50 transmission was rebuilt and fitted with a higher-rated Mfactory fifth gear. He's also rolling on a set of sexy SSR Dori Dori wheels.

Feras Faraj's 1985 Toyota Corolla

Toyota corolla gts trueno gtv Photo 10/19   |   Toyota Corolla Gts Trueno Gtv
Toyota corolla gts ssr dori dori Photo 14/19   |   Toyota Corolla Gts Ssr Dori Dori

We will probably never get tired of panda-themed 86s. Similar to James' Corolla, Feras has a rebuilt transmission with an MFactory fifth gear along with a Cusco LSD. The 4AG's head is fitted with Tomei cams and Toda cam gears and valve springs. He's also done a full kouki GT-V interior and exterior conversion which is a sportier Trueno trim over in Japan.

Brandon Most's 1985 Toyota Corolla GT-S

This 86 isn't going to win best of show anytime soon and Toyotafest isn't just going to bring in the showstopping cars that you see at AutoCon or Wekfest. This show is hosted by the Toyota Owners and Restorers Club and Brandon's 86 is an example of a beautifully restored Corolla. It has a few aftermarket parts, such as a Cusco strut bar and a really tasteful set of Work Equip wheels.

Brayden Swartz' 1986 Toyota Trueno

Brayden swartz toyota trueno Photo 18/19   |   Brayden Swartz Toyota Trueno
Brayden swartz toyota trueno Photo 19/19   |   Brayden Swartz Toyota Trueno

Brayden's 86 is rocking an Impulse N2 widebody, one of our favorite aero makers from Japan. What makes his car even cooler is that it's a legit RHD Trueno!

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