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Toyota at SEMA '16 #TENSEMA16

Corolla's old and new, a Prius racer, and an 86 motorsports machine are on display in the OEM's booth

Justin Banner
Nov 1, 2016

At SEMA 2016, Toyota celebrates its motorsports and sports cars past and present. While SEMA was celebrating its 50th year of exhibiting all things automotive aftermarket, the Corolla was celebrating its 50 straight years of existence - a benchmark few vehicles can make a claim to in the US.

Toyota at sema 2016 2000GT Photo 2/26   |   Toyota At Sema 2016 2000GT

Yes, it's hard to believe the Toyota Corolla has been around for that long. Toyota has classic versions of the car on display, including the AE86, TE71, AE92 and many other new and old classics. This milestone, which it shares with the SEMA show, just goes to show the brand has done and continues to do right with this well-aged nameplate. While it's not quite the same performance RWD we'd like to see come back, the Corolla is probably going to last another half-century provided they don't do anything too radical.

Though, the Xtreme Corolla is pretty much the opposite of that idea. This build was created by Jeremy Lookofsky of Cartel Customs and is the most SEMA-esque Corolla one has ever seen. It's been converted to two half-doors from the original four-door of the chassis, a very loud JBL sound system, and the brightest exhaust tips that don't use lights to shine coming out of the center of the rear bumper. At 250-horsepower and two-thousand-pounds, this car will probably break necks.

Toyota at sema 2016 Prius Photo 6/26   |   Toyota At Sema 2016 Prius

The Prius is the last car you'd expect to be converted into a racecar, but Gordon Ting and Evasive Motorsports took some inspiration from the Super GT GT300 Prius silhouette race car to create this one. This is the Prius G, a hybrid that sips gas, runs on electricity, and can pull 1g on the skidpad. The Volk Racing TE37 SLs are wrapped in Toyo Proxes R888 in 265/35/18 front and 235/40/18 rear - no showy and too wide rears here, this Prius is all business for a racetrack.

Finally, Toyota debuted the new GT86 and not just the road going version but the Toyota Motorsport GmbH GT86 CS-Cup. That is a one make race that's been around since the FR-S, but this is the first time it's been built on the new US-version of the GT86. That also means it's a full racecar with a FIA certified roll cage, TMG body kit, OZ Motorsports rims enveloped in Pirelli DH slicks, and Lexan side windows. These measures give the car an amazing 53/47 front-to-rear weight split of its 2451-pounds of racing glory.

Toyota at sema 2016 Corolla Photo 10/26   |   Toyota At Sema 2016 Corolla

While Toyota has become the boring and beige make of the car world, it exercises a philosophy that has worked up to this point. For the 2016 SEMA Show, it appears they are reaching back into their exciting racing roots by bringing the GT86 to the fore - showing off their motorsports-inspired builds - and hopefully will return to the ways of the rousing car company they used to be recognized as.

Toyota at sema 2016 2000GT Photo 14/26   |   Toyota At Sema 2016 2000GT
Toyota at sema 2016 Sienna Photo 18/26   |   Toyota At Sema 2016 Sienna
Toyota at sema 2016 2000GT Photo 22/26   |   Toyota At Sema 2016 2000GT
Toyota at sema 2016 rear spoiler Photo 26/26   |   Toyota At Sema 2016 Rear Spoiler
By Justin Banner
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