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2016 PRI Show - It's All Go At This Show

It's like SEMA without the rhinestones and airbags

Pablo Mazlumian
Feb 9, 2017

If you're in the automotive industry and, more specifically, involved in racing, tuning, fabrication, or any kind of distribution of the above, the Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a must-see event. I'm a seven-hour drive from PRI, and this is my third straight year. It's definitely worth the trip. It's like being at SEMA, except they've taken out anything that isn't performance or racing related. Also, the city sets the tone, and the difference between Indianapolis and Las Vegas is...well...pretty night and day.

With more than 1,200 vendors, PRI 2016 was a huge success. I had the chance to check out some products that would be of interest to european car readers, so let's take a look!

Jonbloed Racing Wheels

2016 pri show jonbloed racing wheels Photo 2/54   |   2016 Pri Show Jonbloed Racing Wheels
2016 pri show jonbloed racing wheels Photo 3/54   |   2016 Pri Show Jonbloed Racing Wheels
2016 pri show jonbloed racing wheels Photo 4/54   |   2016 Pri Show Jonbloed Racing Wheels

Jonbloed Racing Wheels was showcasing its line of high-performance forged aluminum racing wheels. The company has great-looking wheels and offers applications for a variety of European makes and models. Porsche owners going for a retro look can also enjoy a set of JRW wheels, and they can be ordered with a standard lip and even extreme widths.

KW Suspension

2016 pri show kw suspension coilovers Photo 5/54   |   2016 Pri Show Kw Suspension Coilovers

KW also had a variety of racing coilovers on hand for various European applications. Everything from units valved to Ruf specs and other Porsche coilovers, including the new Cayman GT4. Seen here is a racing coilover setup for the BMW M235i.

CSF Radiators

2016 pri show csf radiators porsche cayman Photo 6/54   |   2016 Pri Show Csf Radiators Porsche Cayman
2016 pri show csf radiators porsche cayman Photo 7/54   |   2016 Pri Show Csf Radiators Porsche Cayman

Check out this Cayman road racer in the CSF radiators booth. The Porsche was beautiful outside, and all business inside with an OMP racing seat, HRC Zero 2000 fire suppression system, and Motec electronics.

2016 pri show csf porsche radiator Photo 8/54   |   2016 Pri Show Csf Porsche Radiator

CSF had a few Porsche cooling products on display, including these all-aluminum radiators for the 991/981, 997/987, and 996/986, as well as one for 981 GT4 with a quick-connect feature.

Eibach Suspension

2016 pri show eibach suspension xt barrel and metric coilover springs Photo 9/54   |   2016 Pri Show Eibach Suspension Xt Barrel And Metric Coilover Springs

Eibach Springs was showing off its XT Barrel and Metric coilover springs, which can be used in conjunction with a variety of coilover setups from various companies. Eibach claims its Metric line offers the closest tolerances and lightest weights in the industry. The XT line offers increased shock body clearance and features Eibach's extreme travel using EPST Hi-Ten spring steel.

Toyo Tires

2016 pri show flying lizard motorsports audi r8 lms Photo 10/54   |   2016 Pri Show Flying Lizard Motorsports Audi R8 Lms

The Flying Lizard Motorsports Audi R8 LMS, driven by Darren Law, Johannes van Overbeek, Dion von Moltke, and Mike Hedlund was in the Toyo Tires booth. It won the NASA 25 hours of Thunderhill race in California in the ES class for both 2015 and 2016.

2016 pri show toyo competition tires Photo 11/54   |   2016 Pri Show Toyo Competition Tires

Let's check out some of the Toyo competition tires on display. On the left we've got the Proxes TQ DOT drag radial, on the right is the well-known Proxes R888 DOT competition tire, and in the center is the newer R888R DOT competition tire that offers even better dry handling than the R888.

Precision Turbos

2016 pri show precision turbo gen2 pt5558 Photo 12/54   |   2016 Pri Show Precision Turbo Gen2 Pt5558
2016 pri show precision turbo Photo 13/54   |   2016 Pri Show Precision Turbo

How about some horsepower for your Porsche or VW? Along with the plethora of turbos offered by Precision Turbo and Engine, PTE has the Gen2 PT5558 ball bearing turbocharger. It's available with a K26 flange turbine housing and while it looks small, it's rated up to a whopping 650 hp.

Audi RS3 LMS

2016 pri show 2017 audi rs3 lms Photo 14/54   |   2016 Pri Show 2017 Audi Rs3 Lms
2016 pri show 2017 audi rs3 lms Photo 15/54   |   2016 Pri Show 2017 Audi Rs3 Lms
2016 pri show 2017 audi rs3 lms interior Photo 16/54   |   2016 Pri Show 2017 Audi Rs3 Lms Interior

It was nice to see the 2017 Audi RS3 LMS at PRI, with full, widebody flare that brings back Audi Quattro nostalgia. With a massive carbon-fiber splitter and the Quattro-like fender flares, it's a beautiful car to behold. Since it's got a 2,878-pound minimum weight, we're sure it's also a hoot to drive. Inside is all-factory-race-car business. Everything is monitored through an AiM MXG 28-channel data acquisition system.

2016 pri show 2017 audi rs3 lms engine Photo 17/54   |   2016 Pri Show 2017 Audi Rs3 Lms Engine

The 330hp 2.0L four is transversally mounted in front of the front axle and sends power to only the front wheels, making it eligible for TCR, International Endurance Series, STCC, and Clubsport.


2016 pri show lifeline zero 36 Photo 18/54   |   2016 Pri Show Lifeline Zero 36
2016 pri show lifeline fire extinguisher Photo 19/54   |   2016 Pri Show Lifeline Fire Extinguisher

Lifeline is only one of three companies with FIA 8865 homologation, and this Zero 36 model has been approved for it. The testing for 8865 involves heating the test car to a staggering 500 C (932 F), and it can't reignite. 8865 is required in WRC, RS Super 2000, and cross-country racing (like Dakar Rally). While it is not yet required by the FIA for the rest of motorsport to be 8865-compliant, it is highly recommended.

Xtrac Transmissions

2016 pri show xtrac transmissions Photo 20/54   |   2016 Pri Show Xtrac Transmissions
2016 pri show xtrac lamborghini huracan transmission Photo 21/54   |   2016 Pri Show Xtrac Lamborghini Huracan Transmission

If money is no object and you want one of the best transmissions money can buy, then look no further than Xtrac. This unit is for Lamborghini Huracan race cars. On the far left is the three-piston actuator that Xtrac uses to get shifts down to a staggering 0.03 seconds!

Sadey Transmissions

2016 pri show sadey e36 transmission Photo 22/54   |   2016 Pri Show Sadey E36 Transmission
2016 pri show sadey transmissions Photo 23/54   |   2016 Pri Show Sadey Transmissions

Another big name in transmissions is Sadev. This unit was designed for the BRZ/FR-S, but the French-based company reports that the short version of this box—without the tail section—will fit the E36 BMW chassis as well.

GTR Simulators

2016 pri show gtr simiulator Photo 24/54   |   2016 Pri Show Gtr Simiulator

The GTR simulator is perfect for drivers needing to learn new tracks or gamers with deep pockets. GTR offers nine models, from "entry-level" to flight to F1.

Forgeline Wheels

2016 pri show forgeline wheels Photo 25/54   |   2016 Pri Show Forgeline Wheels
2016 pri show forgeline wheel Photo 26/54   |   2016 Pri Show Forgeline Wheel

Forgeline Wheels always has an impressive booth full of eye candy at PRI. Its wide range of custom forged wheels is used in all sorts of racing classes in the U.S. For those wanting to shed weight, Forgeline offers forged wheel centers with carbon-fiber barrels.

BBS Wheels

2016 pri show bbs wheel Photo 27/54   |   2016 Pri Show Bbs Wheel

BBS had some new wheels on display this year. Up top is the FI-R 20-inch forged aluminum rear wheel for the Cayman GT4. It will be available for various BMW and Porsche applications. Below that is the forged aluminum RE Motorsport for Porsche GT4 Club Sport. And at the bottom is the single-lug version of RE Motorsport for the front of a Porsche GT3.

2016 pri showbbs ri a track package Photo 28/54   |   2016 Pri Showbbs Ri A Track Package

This is the BBS RI-A Track Package monobloc, designed for commonly tracked street cars.

Brembo Brakes

2016 pri show brembo brakes Photo 29/54   |   2016 Pri Show Brembo Brakes
2016 pri show brembo brakes Photo 30/54   |   2016 Pri Show Brembo Brakes

From near to far we see Brembo's GTR line, followed by the GTS and then GT in dark gray and then yellow, respectively. The GTS fills the gap between the cost and performance of the GT to the GTR. Now you can get a braking system that can withstand higher temperatures than the GT line, but isn't as costly as the GTR line.

Alcon Brakes

2016 pri show alcon brakes Photo 31/54   |   2016 Pri Show Alcon Brakes

Alcon also brought out several of its full line of braking components, and for those looking to take a street car to the track, Alcon offers its four-piston RC4 featuring disc diameters from 330 to 360 mm (13 to 14 inches), 66.1 cm2 per pad area, a staggered piston diameter to ensure even pad wear, internal fluid transfer (no external bridge), high temp seals, and steel pistons for improved thermal resistance. If you need to go bigger, Alcon's RC6 six-piston caliper setup can squeeze rotors measuring anywhere from 380 to 410mm (15- to 16.1-inch) diameters.

Radium Engineering

2016 pri show radium engineering fuel rail Photo 32/54   |   2016 Pri Show Radium Engineering Fuel Rail
2016 pri show radium engineering Photo 33/54   |   2016 Pri Show Radium Engineering
2016 pri show radium engineering Photo 34/54   |   2016 Pri Show Radium Engineering

Radium Engineering makes quality products that are also very pleasing to the eye, like this fuel rail for the S54 3.2L BMW engine.


2016 pri show jenvey heritage throttle bodies Photo 35/54   |   2016 Pri Show Jenvey Heritage Throttle Bodies
2016 pri show jenvey internal fuel injectors Photo 36/54   |   2016 Pri Show Jenvey Internal Fuel Injectors

U.K.-based Jenvey unveiled its new range of Heritage Throttle Bodies with Aston Martin specialist GTC Engineering, and it boasts all the benefits associated with individual throttle bodies, yet with the look of a period-correct carburetor. To the right are the internal fuel injectors. The Jenvey Heritage throttle body line is designed to work on any car running a DCOE carburetor with a stand-alone ECU.

Vibrant Exhaust

2016 pri show vibrant exhaust Photo 37/54   |   2016 Pri Show Vibrant Exhaust

For any fabricators out there, or for those getting a lot of custom work done, Vibrant Performance had a nice display of various exhaust components, including mufflers, piping, V-band clamps, flex joints, etc.

2016 pri show vibrant performance oil cooling components Photo 38/54   |   2016 Pri Show Vibrant Performance Oil Cooling Components

Vibrant Performance also displayed its oil cooling components, which included cores, lines, fittings, and catch cans.

Burns Exhaust

2016 pri show burns exhaust merge collectors Photo 39/54   |   2016 Pri Show Burns Exhaust Merge Collectors

Speaking of fabricators, you can't be in the fabrication industry without hearing about Burns Stainless. The company is known for making some of the best custom exhaust components—and especially for its merge collectors that range from 2-to-1 all the way to 8-to-1!


2016 pri show mahle rod and main beearing set Photo 40/54   |   2016 Pri Show Mahle Rod And Main Beearing Set

Mahle displayed a variety of pistons and other engine components this year. Since the company has teamed up with Cleveite bearings, it also showed a plethora of engine bearings like this rod and main bearings set for the VW 1.8L turbo.


2016 pri show wiseco i beam Photo 41/54   |   2016 Pri Show Wiseco I Beam

Wiseco unveiled its new Boostline rods, which combine the best of I-beam and H-beam designs. They're made of 4340 forged steel, include ARP bolts, and feature Wiseco's patent-pending three-pocket design. Wiseco reports a 60 percent increase in bending strength over H-beam rods. It plans to expand the Boostline in the European market but currently offer them for VW 1.8T engines.

JE Pistons

2016 pri show je pistons Photo 42/54   |   2016 Pri Show Je Pistons

JE showcased this lightweight, asymmetrical piston for a recently added application—the S50B30 or S50B32 E36 M3 Euro-spec engine. They're offered in either 86.0mm or 86.5mm bore sizes and can range anywhere from 9.0:1 to 12.5:1 compression.


2016 pri show deatschwerks fuel components Photo 43/54   |   2016 Pri Show Deatschwerks Fuel Components

Deatschwerks now offers fuel system components on top of its already well-known fuel pressure regulators and fuel pumps, like fittings and lines, so you can have an all-DW fuel system from pump to injectors.


2016 pri show aem full color dash display Photo 44/54   |   2016 Pri Show Aem Full Color Dash Display
2016 pri show aem full color dash display Photo 45/54   |   2016 Pri Show Aem Full Color Dash Display

AEM's all-new CD-7 full color dash display features a 7-inch screen with 800x480 resolution, 1,000-cd/m2 brightness, and anti-glare for readability in all conditions (including direct sunlight), water resistance for operation even in boats, and seven programmable pages. It also is available with or without 200MB internal logging up to 100 Hz/channel.


2016 pri show procharger f 1x blower Photo 46/54   |   2016 Pri Show Procharger F 1X Blower

ProCharger had a large presence, not just in its booth but with several cars throughout the show. You used to have to be turbocharged to make big horsepower, but supercharger companies are closing that gap. This F-1X blower is meant for cars making between 375-550 hp normally aspirated and can pump that number to a whopping 1,400 hp! Max boost is 38 PSI, and max impeller speed is 72000 rpm.

Garrett Turbochargers

2016 pri show garrett gtx3582r Photo 47/54   |   2016 Pri Show Garrett Gtx3582r
2016 pri show garrett gtx3582r Photo 48/54   |   2016 Pri Show Garrett Gtx3582r

Since the Garrett GTX3582R was designed for applications ranging from 2.0L to 5.5L, looking to make anywhere between 550-1,000 hp, it will surely be popular. And to make the fabrication part easier, Garrett also released several new turbos in reverse configuration.


2016 pri show turbonetics nx2 turbo Photo 49/54   |   2016 Pri Show Turbonetics Nx2 Turbo

Turbonetics released its new line of NX2 competition dual ball bearing turbos featuring new compressor and turbine wheels. The firm has also recently teamed up with Precision Turbo and Engine, since they're both Wabtec-owned.


2016 pri show borgwarner eboost Photo 50/54   |   2016 Pri Show Borgwarner Eboost
2016 pri show borgwarner eboost Photo 51/54   |   2016 Pri Show Borgwarner Eboost

Auto manufacturers are turning to smaller engines with turbochargers to get the fuel efficiency without sacrificing overall performance, but smaller engines sacrifice low-end pre-boost torque. The BorgWarner eboost will tighten that gap by spinning up the turbo using an electric motor.

Stilo Safety

2016 pri show stilo safety helmet Photo 52/54   |   2016 Pri Show Stilo Safety Helmet
2016 pri show stilo carbon fiber helmet Photo 53/54   |   2016 Pri Show Stilo Carbon Fiber Helmet

You shave every pound off your race car, why not give your neck a break, too. Stilo offers carbon-fiber helmets with optional fully integrated electronics as well as systems for hydration, air supply, and FIA Hans posts. Prices start at $1,915 for the ST5GT carbon helmet.

Schroth Racing

2016 pri show schroth racing enduro racing series belts Photo 54/54   |   2016 Pri Show Schroth Racing Enduro Racing Series Belts

When it comes to safety restraints, Schroth Racing is one of those at the top of the chain. Schroth's booth had several different configurations on display, ranging from FIA homologated Formula cars all the way to 16.1 homologation, and even enduro racing series belts that feature fast driver changes.

By Pablo Mazlumian
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