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Bangkok Auto Salon 2017 Part 2

Another trip down the red carpet at Thailand's automotive extravaganza

Jul 12, 2017
Photographer: Chad Burdette

In part one of our coverage from the Bangkok International Auto Salon, we showed you some of the cars on display along with the rather wacky Thailand vs. Japan model carwash competition. Yes, seriously, that happened. This time around our triggerman, Chad Burdette, managed to capture more of the vehicles that arrived to the show, along with some of the interesting displays on the second and third day of the weeklong affair. In addition, Work Wheels organized a meet just outside the Auto Salon that brought with it all types of builds, including a slammed and modded in-service taxi. Yup, only in Thailand...

Bangkok auto salon 2017 widebody supra Photo 2/69   |   Bangkok Auto Salon 2017 Widebody Supra
Bangkok auto salon 2017 widebody toyota supra Photo 3/69   |   Bangkok Auto Salon 2017 Widebody Toyota Supra

We recently featured this 780hp Supra, and not surprisingly it still looks amazing in person.

Bangkok auto salon 2017 liberty walk Photo 4/69   |   Bangkok Auto Salon 2017 Liberty Walk

Mr. Kato and the Liberty Walk crew enjoying their time at the Auto Salon - their display vehicles, not surprisingly, brought in the crowds day after day.

Bangkok auto salon 2017 mazda rx7 Photo 5/69   |   Bangkok Auto Salon 2017 Mazda Rx7
Bangkok auto salon 2017 mazda rx7 rotary engine Photo 6/69   |   Bangkok Auto Salon 2017 Mazda Rx7 Rotary Engine

Wild FC chassis RX-7 with a ton of detailed weld work applied to its rotary heart

Bangkok auto salon 2017 r32 nissan skyline Photo 7/69   |   Bangkok Auto Salon 2017 R32 Nissan Skyline

Regardless of what corner of the world you reside, Nissan's iconic R32 is always a crowd pleaser.

Bangkok auto salon 2017 turbo k20 honda jazz Photo 8/69   |   Bangkok Auto Salon 2017 Turbo K20 Honda Jazz
Bangkok auto salon 2017 eg civic Photo 9/69   |   Bangkok Auto Salon 2017 Eg Civic

The Honda community in Thailand is constantly growing and plenty of street, show, and race Honda builds could be found throughout the venue.

Bangkok auto salon 2017 veilside toyota supra Photo 10/69   |   Bangkok Auto Salon 2017 Veilside Toyota Supra

Long gone are the easily recognizable circle taillights you'd expect to find on the rear of the legendary MkIV Supra; replaced, in this case, with these rectangular versions as part of a complete Veilside makeover. You either hate it or love it.

Bangkok auto salon 2017 custom vans Photo 11/69   |   Bangkok Auto Salon 2017 Custom Vans

Van culture is all the rage in both Japan and Thailand. Here, a small sample of the highly modified and extremely detailed custom vans in attendance

Bangkok auto salon 2017 toyota taxi Photo 24/69   |   Bangkok Auto Salon 2017 Toyota Taxi
Bangkok auto salon 2017 r35 gtr Photo 37/69   |   Bangkok Auto Salon 2017 R35 Gtr
Bangkok auto salon 2017 nissan 350z Photo 44/69   |   Bangkok Auto Salon 2017 Nissan 350Z
Bangkok auto salon 2017 custom engraed van Photo 57/69   |   Bangkok Auto Salon 2017 Custom Engraed Van
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