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Hondas of SEMA 2017 - #TENSEMA17

An increase in the number of H-badges in Vegas

Nov 8, 2017

There are but a few guarantees when it comes to the annual SEMA event that completely commandeers every square inch of the Las Vegas Convention Center's 3.2 million square feet. Things like matte paint, vinyl wraps, ridiculously low ride heights, and countless widebody kits and fender flares. On the flipside, one thing you can't count on is a large number of Honda builds to display.

Over the past few years we've heard the blame placed on a lack of new, tuner-friendly models, but that all changed with the Civic Type R's debut last year and a direct result of that interest seems to have kick started a bit of momentum, the result of which was more Hondas at SEMA than we've seen in quite some time. And, not surprisingly, many of them were of the new CTR variety.

In between the mass hysteria of this booth's ambassador or that booth's LS-swapped monster build, we were able to pick apart the various halls to put together a list of Honda builds for you to check out in the comfort of your own phone world rather than going shoulder-to-shoulder with an armpit to deodorant ratio that never works in your favor at an event like this.

Hondas of SEMA 2017 eibach civic type r Photo 2/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Eibach Civic Type R
Hondas of SEMA 2017 eibach civic type r Photo 3/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Eibach Civic Type R

Eibach Springs is always one of the first to market with new suspension goods for the latest cars to hit the market. They've already got spring options for the CTR and they also worked on our short-term Civic Sport hatchback project earlier this year as they developed coilovers for the non-Si/Type R models that should be available shortly.

Hondas of SEMA 2017 spec type r clutch Photo 4/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Spec Type R Clutch

Speaking of the Type R, Spec Clutch has already developed a clutch kit for the 2.0L turbocharged dynamo and it's available in 7 different single disc stages. We nabbed a spy shot from the new products display case. Let the building begin!

Hondas of SEMA 2017 type r crate engine Photo 5/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Type R Crate Engine

The news spread like this year's wildfire (just pick one, there was a new fire every weekend it felt like) when Honda announced a new race program that would allow verified teams to purchase a new CTR engine for around $6,500. That doesn't mean just anyone can walk up to the parts counter and plunk down their credit card, but we're curious as to how long it will take for someone to purchase the appropriate pieces individually to build their own version. No application required.

Hondas of SEMA 2017 liberty walk nsx Photo 6/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Liberty Walk Nsx

It was inevitable; someone would have to put the all too common "rivets and arches" treatment on the new NSX sooner or later. This Liberty Walk version sports a very, very familiar look and what appear to be 21-inch wheels. A quick glance online shows a price tag of close to 30K for the FRP kit. Expect closer to 40K for the dry carbon version.

Hondas of SEMA 2017 aim gain nsx Photo 7/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Aim Gain Nsx

If you want a lower price tag and still want some aero bits for your shiny new NSX, albeit with a much more mellow appearance, you can always opt for an AimGain kit that'll just run you around 20k.

Hondas of SEMA 2017 ariel atom Photo 8/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Ariel Atom
Hondas of SEMA 2017 ariel atom Photo 9/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Ariel Atom

An ultra-lightweight Ariel Atom ready to strike with K-power perched in the rear. Sir, we'll take two!

Hondas of SEMA 2017 phil robles civic hatch Photo 10/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Phil Robles Civic Hatch

Arizona's Phil Robles took a break from the track and brought his Rocket Bunny Civic EH to SEMA. Now armed with a race-ready transmission, expect Mr. Robles to be back on the tarmac in no time.

Hondas of SEMA 2017 seibon civic Photo 11/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Seibon Civic

Seibon carbon wasted no time in making parts for the new Civic Type R, including this carbon fiber OEM-style hood, grill garnish, front splitter, rear diffuser, wing insert, and more.

Hondas of SEMA 2017 greddy si coupe Photo 12/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Greddy Si Coupe
Hondas of SEMA 2017 greddy exhaust Photo 13/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Greddy Exhaust

If you're not completely sold on the 10th gen. Civic line, then GReddy's Si might help sway some of you. KW suspension brings the chassis closer to the Volk CE28SL wheels and in the rear you'll find a GReddy exhaust system replacing the original center-exit factory system. Just above the GReddy front lip, there's a GReddy intercooler kit and a prototype turbo system that they're currently under development with. Things are looking up for the new kid on the block.

Hondas of SEMA 2017 greddy turbo kit Photo 14/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Greddy Turbo Kit

If you're still not a fan of the 10th gen., GReddy has something for you 9th gen. owners as well. In association with the legend, Myles Bautista, they've put together a complete turbo kit that makes a huge jump in performance for the native K24.

Hondas of SEMA 2017 autofashion civic hatch Photo 15/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Autofashion Civic Hatch
Hondas of SEMA 2017 autofashion s2000 Photo 16/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Autofashion S2000
Hondas of SEMA 2017 mode parfume fender Photo 17/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Mode Parfume Fender
Hondas of SEMA 2017 mode parfume s2000 Photo 18/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Mode Parfume S2000

Not known for Honda projects, AutoFashion stepped away from the VIP builds this year and brought a unique, one-piece front end Rocket Bunny Civic hatchback and an S2K that sports the first and only Mode Parfume aero kit - more info here.

Hondas of SEMA 2017 la sleeve b18 Photo 19/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 La Sleeve B18
Hondas of SEMA 2017 LA sleeve k24 block Photo 20/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 LA Sleeve K24 Block

L.A. Sleeve has been around for a little while. And when I say "little while," I'm talking over 70 years. These guys offer high quality sleeves for a number of popular applications in our world and you can find them inside the bay of the record setting PZ Tuning 9th-gen. Civic time attack car. In fact, we just dropped off a K24 of our own to L.A. Sleeve for a new build we'll be working on. A great group to do business with and their knowledge runs DEEP.

Hondas of SEMA 2017 rywire s2000 Photo 21/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Rywire S2000
Hondas of SEMA 2017 kinsler itb Photo 22/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Kinsler Itb

If you haven't already seen or heard about Rywire's latest SEMA build that relies on a 2.5L F-series complete with Kinsler ITBs and 8 staged injectors, you're one of the few. No worries, we put together some pics and info right here

Hondas of SEMA 2017 aem cd5 display Photo 23/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Aem Cd5 Display
Hondas of SEMA 2017 aem cd5 Photo 24/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Aem Cd5
Hondas of SEMA 2017 aem can sensor module Photo 25/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Aem Can Sensor Module

Last year AEM was showing off its CD-7 digital dash display that carries all types of features that other far more expensive and less user-friendly units boast about. This year, it's back, still with all of those incredible features but minus a few inches. Dubbed the CD-5, the display allows for unbelievable customization according to user preference, the screen is crystal clear and easy to read in all lighting conditions, and now even if you have a smaller dash space to work with, you're good to go. Also, to make your life even easier, their 22-Channel CAN Sensor Module helps make that sensor input to CAN conversion a cinch.

Hondas of SEMA 2017 acura tlx Photo 32/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Acura Tlx
Hondas of SEMA 2017 honda research west ctr Photo 39/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Honda Research West Ctr
Hondas of SEMA 2017 science of speed nsx Photo 46/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Science Of Speed Nsx
Hondas of SEMA 2017 widebody ridgeline Photo 53/59   |   Hondas Of SEMA 2017 Widebody Ridgeline
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