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APR at SEMA 2018 #MTSEMA18

Wide, low, and wild with a purpose

Nov 2, 2018

You're used to seeing widebody cars with even wider wheels, fancy splitters, and adjustable "this or that" add-ons that appear to be afterthoughts in many cases during SEMA week. In the case of APR's incredible Golf R (dubbed the RLMS), however, it's all well thought out and certainly serves a purpose.

APR at SEMA 2018 rlms golf r Photo 2/35   |   APR At SEMA 2018 Rlms Golf R

The addition of APR's 3+ engine means almost 250 extra horsepower (536hp total) and perhaps more importantly, it delivers over 470lbs ft. of torque. The result of over a year of research and development, the RLMS engine program gives the Golf R the ability outrun the original version in a 0-140mph sprint by 15 seconds.

APR at SEMA 2018 rlms golf r widebody fender Photo 3/35   |   APR At SEMA 2018 Rlms Golf R Widebody Fender
APR at SEMA 2018 rlms golf r wing Photo 4/35   |   APR At SEMA 2018 Rlms Golf R Wing

If quarter mile jaunts are your thing, then 10-second passes are on tap, but this car is definitely suited for the turns. You'd know that the second you looked under the chassis to find APR's Roll-Control stabilizer bars and Racing coilover setup. Add to that a custom roll cage and a set of white and black adjustable race buckets laced with OMP harnesses and you get that this car is ready for action. That is, if you just happened to miss the TCR-inspired and widened arches that cover APR's two-piece wheels, the low-slung splitter, and adjustable rear wing.

APR at SEMA 2018 rlms golf r Photo 5/35   |   APR At SEMA 2018 Rlms Golf R

Speaking of action, APR notes that after the madness of SEMA week has subsided, the RLMS will be touring the country at various circuits to put the build through its paces and further cement why APR remains one of the most trusted names in tuning.

APR at SEMA 2018 apr mk7 catback exhaust Photo 6/35   |   APR At SEMA 2018 Apr Mk7 Catback Exhaust

A portion of APR's Mk7 cat-back exhaust on display in all of its T304 stainless-steel glory - TIG-welded throughout, the muffler features a brushed finish but also gets an assist in the drone department by way of a Helmholtz resonator to fight off the sounds you don't want to hear.

APR at SEMA 2018 audi rs3 lms Photo 7/35   |   APR At SEMA 2018 Audi Rs3 Lms
APR at SEMA 2018 widebody audi rs 3 lms Photo 8/35   |   APR At SEMA 2018 Widebody Audi Rs 3 Lms

Developed by Audi Sport customer racing to compete in the new and rather exciting TCR category, this RS 3 LMS garnered plenty of attention during SEMA week.

APR at SEMA 2018 audi rs 3 lms Photo 9/35   |   APR At SEMA 2018 Audi Rs 3 Lms
APR at SEMA 2018 audi rs 3 lms exhaust Photo 10/35   |   APR At SEMA 2018 Audi Rs 3 Lms Exhaust

That's probably because the aggressive, angular fender treatment and tall rear wing demand attention. Move in for a closer look and the sculpted side skirts and carbon fiber front splitter that sit just a few inches off the show carpet, the center-exit exhaust and the rugged AP Racing brakes are enough for the sedan to hold its own next to the Golf RLMS on display.

APR at SEMA 2018 apr s01 wheel Photo 11/35   |   APR At SEMA 2018 Apr S01 Wheel
APR at SEMA 2018 apr s01 wheel Photo 12/35   |   APR At SEMA 2018 Apr S01 Wheel

The APR S01 Forged Wheel works with OEM and length ball seat lug bolts and is available in multiple colors in both 19- and 20-inch options.

APR at SEMA 2018 apr roll control coilover Photo 13/35   |   APR At SEMA 2018 Apr Roll Control Coilover

The group worked with Eibach Springs to create the ideal coilover for the MQB platform and after much R&D, the result is APR's Roll Control coilover system.

APR at SEMA 2018 dinan m5 Photo 14/35   |   APR At SEMA 2018 Dinan M5
APR at SEMA 2018 grey m5 Photo 15/35   |   APR At SEMA 2018 Grey M5

Also in the booth was the Dinan M5 R&D Prototype car. Currently developing a Dinantronics Elite V2 flash and piggyback options for the F90, expected performance numbers could potentially move the 582 stock horsepower up substantially to the neighborhood of 675. Supplementing the ECU upgrade is Dinan's free-flow stainless exhaust with black finishers, high flow mid-pipe and their carbon fiber intake kit.

APR at SEMA 2018 audi rs3 LMS Photo 22/35   |   APR At SEMA 2018 Audi Rs3 LMS
APR at SEMA 2018 RLMS golf r Photo 29/35   |   APR At SEMA 2018 RLMS Golf R
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