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PRI 2018

The industry's race and performance super show continues to grow

Dec 17, 2018
Photographer: Turn 14

For the past 30 years, the Performance Racing Industry trade show, or PRI as it's more commonly known, has been a highlight for the performance-minded business and media crowd. It was established back in '88 as a means to put performance business owners and buyers under the same roof to interact, show off new product, and with any luck, land some deals during the three-day affair that takes place in Indianapolis, Ind.

PRI 2018 front sign Photo 2/101   |   PRI 2018 Front Sign

Much like the SEMA Show (SEMA coincidentally purchased the trade show in 2012), PRI isn't open to the general public and is intended for business purposes, as well as overall industry parts and services awareness. However, just like the big aftermarket show in Las Vegas, the number of outsiders somehow finding their way into the event has increased dramatically over the years. And with a performance industry that seems to be on the upswing after a lull during some worrisome financial times of years past, the show floor is the most crowded it's ever been during its 31-year run.

PRI 2018 custom intake manifold Photo 3/101   |   PRI 2018 Custom Intake Manifold

For the import market, there were plenty of well known, highly regarded industry figures with booths in place at PRI 2018, including the likes of 4Piston Racing, Hondata, McLeod, AEM Electronics, and others. And though we were trapped in SoCal with freezing temps that dipped all the way down to the high 60s while show-goers in Indy dealt with "slightly" cooler temps around the 20-degree mark, we were able to convince triggerman Jason Reiss to snap some images for us during his visit.

PRI 2018 4piston racing booth Photo 4/101   |   PRI 2018 4Piston Racing Booth

4Piston Racing is becoming a mainstay at PRI, having brought some tasty Honda-related goods last year and returning with an even better spread in 2018.

PRI 2018 4piston racing ITB k series Photo 5/101   |   PRI 2018 4Piston Racing ITB K Series

This nasty combo situated in the Wiseco booth starts with Ramey Racing ductile iron sleeves stuffed with Wiseco pistons and aluminum rods connected to a Winberg crank. Up top, huge 70mm Kinsler ITBs, covered here by a carbon fiber intake, feed 4Piston Racing's new billet CNC cylinder head that features all new valve angles and valve location occupied by Victory titanium valves. The result is a cool 440hp on M1 methanol.

PRI 2018 4piston racing k20c1 Photo 6/101   |   PRI 2018 4Piston Racing K20c1

The FK8 Civic Type R still has that new-car smell lingering, and the 4P crew has already spent time dissecting, studying, and testing various parts of the K20C1, and at PRI they had a complete race engine on hand.

PRI 2018 fullrace v band turbo adapter Photo 7/101   |   PRI 2018 Fullrace V Band Turbo Adapter
PRI 2018 cnc 4piston racing CNC ported head Photo 8/101   |   PRI 2018 Cnc 4Piston Racing CNC Ported Head

Complete, meaning ductile iron sleeves, 4Piston spec JE pistons and custom I-beam rods, Ferrea valves, valve springs, titanium retainers, Full Race V-band turbo adapter with Borg Warner EFR 7163 turbo, a Motec ECU and of course, 4Piston's CNC ported head. All said and done, this set up is worth 550hp.

PRI 2018 4piston BF150 outboard engine Photo 9/101   |   PRI 2018 4Piston BF150 Outboard Engine

4Piston also brought out some K-power for the drink. This BF150 outboard engine received the 4P treatment and is overseen by a Motec M130.

PRI 2018 4piston racing ITB k series Photo 10/101   |   PRI 2018 4Piston Racing ITB K Series

Power numbers weren't released but suffice to say that these guys are ready to make some waves (see how I did that? Y'welcome.)

PRI 2018 k20 swapped suzuki swift Photo 11/101   |   PRI 2018 K20 Swapped Suzuki Swift
PRI 2018 k20 swap Photo 12/101   |   PRI 2018 K20 Swap

How can you not love a Suzuki Swift with a K-swap and plenty of track miles? We first saw this '90 Swift GT build a few years ago at Gridlife and it looked better than ever at PRI.

PRI 2018 eibach dirt series spring Photo 13/101   |   PRI 2018 Eibach Dirt Series Spring
PRI 2018 eibach springs Photo 14/101   |   PRI 2018 Eibach Springs

If it's performance related, you can bet that that Eibach will be there. For PRI, they displayed a number of spring kits including sport compact, off-road and even dirt series race springs.

PRI 2018 vibrant performance custom chair Photo 15/101   |   PRI 2018 Vibrant Performance Custom Chair
PRI 2018 vibrant performance custom chair Photo 16/101   |   PRI 2018 Vibrant Performance Custom Chair

Vibrant Performance brought this custom creation to SEMA and PRI that features some of their newly added titanium pieces - the ultimate bachelor pad or man-cave mod?

PRI 2018 tim grey ej civic coupe Photo 17/101   |   PRI 2018 Tim Grey Ej Civic Coupe
PRI 2018 all motor k series engine Photo 18/101   |   PRI 2018 All Motor K Series Engine
PRI 2018 tim grey all motor civic Photo 19/101   |   PRI 2018 Tim Grey All Motor Civic

Tim Grey's all motor EJ coupe was on display at the Pfitzner Performance Gearbox booth fresh off of a personal best of 9.55 @ 143mph during the Import vs. Domestic World Cup Finals about a month prior. Built with a host of high-quality goods from the likes of Ferrea, 4Piston Racing, Precision turbo, Injector Dynamics, and Diamond pistons.

PRI 2018 diamond pistons rebel Photo 20/101   |   PRI 2018 Diamond Pistons Rebel

Speaking of Diamond, these Rebel Series K24 slugs are begging for some abuse as they were designed for maximum strength and rated to 1,400hp. They're available for both B- and K-series applications.

PRI 2018 driveshaft shop carbon driveshaft Photo 21/101   |   PRI 2018 Driveshaft Shop Carbon Driveshaft
PRI 2018 driveshaft shop honda pro level axles Photo 22/101   |   PRI 2018 Driveshaft Shop Honda Pro Level Axles

DriveShaft Shop showed off their 3.25-inch carbon main driveshaft for the R35 along with their Honda Pro Level axles.

PRI 2018 aem digital display Photo 23/101   |   PRI 2018 Aem Digital Display
PRI 2018 aem digital displays Photo 24/101   |   PRI 2018 Aem Digital Displays
PRI 2018 aem cd5 cd7 displays Photo 25/101   |   PRI 2018 Aem Cd5 Cd7 Displays

The horror of low blinker fluid? We've all been there before. AEM Electronics' CD5 and CD7 digital dash displays showed up at PRI and if you don't already know, these dynamos deliver a ton of displayable info, user-customizable layouts, and they're able to work with a long list of ECU brands. These days, both units are available in a carbon fiber composite package if you're looking for the lightest option. They even showed off a new version of the CD-5/7 that goes hoodless and without side buttons, making it essentially flat screen, which offers even more installation options.

PRI 2018 wiseco subaru piston Photo 26/101   |   PRI 2018 Wiseco Subaru Piston
PRI 2018 wiseco VQ pistons Photo 27/101   |   PRI 2018 Wiseco VQ Pistons

Wiseco Performance Products had a full array of their latest piston designs on hand including sport compact offerings like the Subaru STI and GT-R stroker pistons. Each uses 2618 forging along with Wiseco's armor plating and armor glide skirt coating.

PRI 2018 mikie sorrell mitsubishi starion Photo 28/101   |   PRI 2018 Mikie Sorrell Mitsubishi Starion
PRI 2018 1jz swap Photo 29/101   |   PRI 2018 1Jz Swap
PRI 2018 mikie sorreell mitsubishi starion Photo 30/101   |   PRI 2018 Mikie Sorreell Mitsubishi Starion

You've seen Mikie Sorrell's '87 Starion before in the pages of Super Street with its innocent exterior and lethal 1JZ-GTE swap.

PRI 2018 hks civic Photo 31/101   |   PRI 2018 Hks Civic
PRI 2018 hks fk8 civic Photo 32/101   |   PRI 2018 Hks Fk8 Civic
PRI 2018 hks ctr Photo 33/101   |   PRI 2018 Hks Ctr

Hondata is always quick to jump into the tuning realm with new model Hondas and the 10th generation Civic was no exception. Their FlashPro system is widely used to maximize performance from Honda's boosted Civic family. For PRI they displayed the HKSxEvasive Motorsports CTR dressed in classic HKS livery

PRI 2018 mcleod clutch Photo 34/101   |   PRI 2018 Mcleod Clutch

McLeod's brought this cutaway that gives you a good look at their Soft Lok system which gives the end-user low static pressure for that light pedal effort and soft clutch engagement. But don't let the name fool you; this setup is intended for racing and has NHRA and IHRA records on its resume. The adjustable spring pressure and counter weights make it customizable for the serious competition build.

PRI 2018 f3 americas racecar Photo 35/101   |   PRI 2018 F3 Americas Racecar
PRI 2018 honda k20c1 Photo 36/101   |   PRI 2018 Honda K20c1

This F3 Americas Race car, with its carbon fiber flanks, is powered by Honda's K20C1 from the Civic Type R production vehicle.

PRI 2018 ls swapped chevy sonic Photo 37/101   |   PRI 2018 Ls Swapped Chevy Sonic
PRI 2018 ls swapped chevy sonic Photo 38/101   |   PRI 2018 Ls Swapped Chevy Sonic

When they said "LS swap the world" you probably never imagined Chevy's do-it-all power plant sitting between the shoulders of a Sonic hatchback.

PRI 2018 ramey racing b18c Photo 39/101   |   PRI 2018 Ramey Racing B18c
PRI 2018 precision turbo Photo 40/101   |   PRI 2018 Precision Turbo

If you've been around the import performance movement for a long time then you remember when Hondas making over 400hp were few and far between. Years later, outfits like Ramey Racing are spitting out 1,400hp monsters like this B18C, capable of record-setting passes, like the 7.9 @189mph that Ramey blazed in his Civic.

PRI 2018 moton coilover Photo 41/101   |   PRI 2018 Moton Coilover
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