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One Day One Make - Eibach Honda Meet


Aaron Bonk
Oct 7, 2007

For the most part, car show standards are fairly strict. To compete, you'll need something near perfect. To win, you'll need something that's better than perfect. Car shows also have shiny trophies or at least some sort of prize you can stick on a shelf and forget about; various, often arbitrary, categories to compete in; and generally a few winners but for the most part a bunch of losers. The annual Eibach Honda and Acura meet has none of this; that's why it's a meet and not a show.

Every year Eibach opens its parking lot to arguably the largest grassroots Honda and Acura meet around - ever. Hondaphiles flock from as far off as the opposite coast as Eibach's Southern California headquarters, some go solo, others make the trek in cop-magnet caravans on a mission. The nice thing about Eibach's meet is its grassroots feel; the lots aren't filled with stuck-up magazine cars and trailer-driven show queens. Sure, they're there, but there's also plenty of daily-driven street cars, most of which deserve the spots they claimed at Eibach, but still a few that probably shouldn't have bothered with pulling out of the garage that Sunday. No matter though, that's what makes Eibach's meet so special; visitors are given a taste of all spectrums of what Honda enthusiasts have to offer, for better or worse. And besides, it's free. You can't go wrong with that.

2016 Honda Civic
$18,640 Base Model (MSRP) 27/40 MPG Fuel Economy
By Aaron Bonk
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