There is nothing more satisfying than finally stretching your legs after a mind-draining flight and embracing a bone chilling wind as you step out of Narita airport and onto a shuttle bus for a short sprint to Makuhari, the city that plays host to Japan's biggest aftermarket tuning show: the highly anticipated Tokyo Auto Salon. Situated roughly 40 minutes by car (or 30 by train) outside of downtown Toyko, Auto Salon is a breeding ground for inspiration, and it's in the halls of the Makuhari Messe where people of the world gather to be inspired, hoping that someday they too can build cars that fast that look that good. If there was a hot, stand-out trend we could hone in on we would, but we can't. This year, the Japanese touched big on Time Attack, crazy custom demo cars and the Lexus LS460, the surprise "it" car of the show-we saw one at nearly every booth, slammed and tucking some huge wheels. Maybe they weren't the most innovative examples, but for the most part, every car we saw was done just the right way. Here are a few of our favorite things: