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2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

Bringing new meaning to the term “Crazy JDM”

Super Street Staff
Jun 12, 2013

Every year in mid-January, people from across the globe converge on the city of Tokyo for one reason: one of the biggest car shows on the Asian continent. The Tokyo Auto Salon is kind of like Mecca for Japanese car enthusiasts, showcasing all types of cars and tuner parts. You get everything from Bozo style old school, to slammed VIP sedans, pure bred racing cars, and plenty others that don’t really fit into any category. Here are our favorites of the show.

1305 tokyo auto salon afterhours Photo 2/94   |   2013 Tokyo Auto Salon


While it’s our never-ending quest to seek out the coolest when it comes to modified cars, when the events shut down for the day, we go back to one of the most fundamental things that brings people together: food and spending time with your friends, and in these cases, people we’ve come to know as our loved ones. Japan’s one of those magical places where a quick train or car ride to a local izakaya for a well-deserved meal and a few rounds of beer at the end of a long day is all you need to make things right in the world again. Our recommendation if you ever visit Japan: make some friends, bring some old ones along with you, knock back some good eats and drinks—rinse, wash, repeat. Life doesn’t get any better than moments like these. Kampai!

1305 tokyo auto salon show floor Photo 6/94   |   2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

Dork Alert

Any anime fans out there? Then JDM Wong is the only one. A big Macross/Robotech fanboy himself (he even belongs to a Los Angeles-based crew named Team Macross 7, named after one of the later Macross series), both he and Brandon Leung from Bowls LA (who helped us film all this TAS goodness) dragged us out to a theme park in the middle of nowhere in Osaka for the last day of a traveling Macross exhibit. Here he is posing with an actual 1:1 scale VF-25F fighter!

1305 tokyo auto salon dork alert Photo 7/94   |   2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

Whatever Happens in Osaka, Sorta Stays in Osaka!

1305 tokyo auto salon whatever happens in osaka Photo 8/94   |   2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

It goes without saying that some of our crazier Japanese situations occurs whenever we touch down in Osaka. Known for their more laid-back vibe, all we can attest to is that our friends at Osaka JDM know how to f’in party. Bottles on bottles on bottles…we can’t really say much more. Japan n00b, Nate had a great time—and managed to keep his shirt on. (Allegedly.–NH)

1305 tokyo auto salon stays in osaka Photo 9/94   |   2013 Tokyo Auto Salon
1305 tokyo auto salon exhaust tips Photo 13/94   |   Here’s a little game we’d like to play called “just the tip”.
1305 tokyo auto salon model Photo 20/94   |   2013 Tokyo Auto Salon
1305 tokyo auto salon model Photo 27/94   |   2013 Tokyo Auto Salon
1305 tokyo auto salon model Photo 34/94   |   2013 Tokyo Auto Salon
1305 tokyo auto salon photo bomb Photo 41/94   |   We didn’t even ask him to photo bomb!
1305 tokyo auto salon model Photo 45/94   |   2013 Tokyo Auto Salon
1305 tokyo auto salon dog Photo 52/94   |   Sup dog.
1305 tokyo auto salon supplies Photo 59/94   |   Supplies!
1305 tokyo auto salon TRD 86 rear Photo 69/94   |   2013 Tokyo Auto Salon
1305 tokyo auto salon bridgestone Photo 73/94   |   2013 Tokyo Auto Salon
1305 tokyo auto salon model Photo 77/94   |   2013 Tokyo Auto Salon
1305 tokyo auto salon audi sedan Photo 84/94   |   2013 Tokyo Auto Salon
1305 tokyo auto salon potenza Photo 88/94   |   2013 Tokyo Auto Salon
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