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Tuner Galleria 2013 - Winter Wonderland

Scene: Tuner Galleria 2013; Chicago, IL

Jonathan Wong
Jul 25, 2013

Back for our second time at Tuner Galleria, neither threats of blistering cold and snow flurries could keep Chicago's enthusiast community from coming out to display their rides. This year resulted in an almost entirely new crop of cars, a good mix of Japanese imports parked alongside European and domestics alike, and were a refreshing change of scenery from the norm that I'm used to in SoCal-and not dominated by Hondas. Using the same format as previous years, Tuner Galleria is still very big on the notion of giving back to the people who support their show, giving plenty of free gear out multiple times throughout the day while also putting on fashion/lingerie shows for the small legion of fanboys/stalkers who dare to put down their Magic cards for a day to chase models around. It goes without saying: Tuner Galleria is always a good time.

Perfect stance and wheel selection (Work Meisters) for the Fancy Shyt Evo X, one of our personal favorites from TG 2013.

Seen it before? Well, you Seen It again! Can't get enough of this K-powered Vdub on Work CR-01s.

04 tuner galleria 2013 k powered vdub Photo 5/25   |   Tuner Galleria 2013 - Winter Wonderland

Team Nostalgic came with a little crew of old school Toyotas (including the aforementioned Levin), including this ultra-clean AE86 with a 20-valve swap and ITBs.

Here's something you don't see every day, an AE92 Toyota Levin. A bit rough around the edges but still cool.

Miss Thai Thai and Miss Tuner Galleria 2013, Kayla Rauer

14 tuner galleria 2013 miss thai thai kayla rauer Photo 15/25   |   Tuner Galleria 2013 - Winter Wonderland
16 tuner galleria 2013 turbocharged KA Photo 16/25   |   Tuner Galleria 2013 - Winter Wonderland

This clean S14 still rocks a KA (albeit turbocharged) and sports Dai Yoshihara's wheels..

15 tuner galleria 2013 S14 Photo 17/25   |   Tuner Galleria 2013 - Winter Wonderland

Toca Series Scion FR-S

17 tuner galleria 2013 toca series scion FR S Photo 18/25   |   Tuner Galleria 2013 - Winter Wonderland
19 tuner galleria 2013 RB25 Photo 19/25   |   Tuner Galleria 2013 - Winter Wonderland

While still in build progress, we were pleased to see that the owner had already stuffed a RB25 block (mated to a RB26 head) into the engine bay of his S15 Silvia.

18 tuner galleria 2013 S15 silvia Photo 20/25   |   Tuner Galleria 2013 - Winter Wonderland
21 tuner galleria 2013 s2000 swap Photo 21/25   |   Tuner Galleria 2013 - Winter Wonderland

S2000-swapped Datsun 510-though you can't see it here, the factory S2K gauge cluster was mounted behind the instrument panel of the 510's, a clever way of integrating the must-use S2000 piece and still be able to read what's going on.

20 tuner galleria 2013 datsun 510 Photo 22/25   |   Tuner Galleria 2013 - Winter Wonderland

This JDM EF sedan is something you'd be more likely to see in California with the wide BBS wheels and roof rack.

By Jonathan Wong
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