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HRE Wheels Open House 2013

Bespoke wheel maker hosts hundreds of California’s finest cars

Jul 2, 2013

The annual HRE Wheels Open House has grown into one of the biggest supercar and sports car gatherings in Southern California. This year’s event attracted over 500 cars ranging from Audi S4s to Bugatti Veyrons (two if you’re counting) and over 1000 attendees from all over California and beyond. The HRE gathering is unique in that it isn’t just about European supercars. Car fans from every different sub-culture come together to appreciate the car hobby and enjoy the automobile.

HRE open house Photo 7/39   |   HRE Open House

Every year HRE opens up its Vista, California-based headquarters to give its customers and fans an opportunity to learn about the forged wheel making process and see some of the most exotic cars in the world equipped with HRE’s forged rollers. This year’s marquee vehicle was a car that most consider to be one of coolest supercars ever built, the Ferrari F40. This particular F40 was rebuilt for Discovery Channel’s Fast n’ Loud TV show. Gas Monkey Garage teamed up with HRE to create a custom set of center locking C105 wheels for the car.

The front parking lot looked like something out of a kid’s bedroom poster with every new model of Ferrari, a variety of Lamborghinis and even a Rauh Welt Befgriff Porsche with a chrome wrap brought out by the folks from eGarage lining the lot.

HRE open house 1 Photo 29/39   |   HRE Open House 1

HRE’s latest Monoblok design, the P1 Series (a one piece version of its popular S1 three piece wheel), was previewed at the event and mounted on Lamborghini’s gorgeous Aventador flagship. Visitors also had a chance to check out a variety of vendors including KW Suspension, Bilstein, Accuair, Falken Tire, Brembo, and Cobb as well as other HRE industry partners and local car dealerships.

“California is the epicenter of car culture and we’re thrilled about how the turnout has grown over the past two years,” said HRE President Alan Peltier. “The caliber of cars that came out on Saturday was impressive and it’s a lot of fun for us to put on. We can’t wait until next year.”

HRE_Open_HouseHRE_Open_House_LIN_2092HRE_Open_House Photo 21/39   |   HRE Open House LIN 2092

The HRE prize raffle where fans had a chance to win a set of wheels from its new affordable FlowForm cast wheel line to a custom set of HRE’s forged wheels and Falken Tires of their choosing. All proceeds from the raffle went to fund the Motor4Toys holiday charity event taking place in December.

The HRE Wheels Open House is truly a statement that the automotive industry and aftermarket car culture are alive and well in SoCal.



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