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2013 BimmerFest East

Maryland sees a growing German invasion

Aug 8, 2013

July 20, 2013 was another scorching day in Aberdeen, MD where Turner Motorsport hosted BimmerFest East 2013. The weather gods decided to save the rain and spare the insanely crowded lots and vendor booths - unlike last year...

We walked among classic Roundel models, rare editions, and vehicles driven from Canada and beyond, not to mention a few high-mileage cars that shone as if new.

Arguably the best display came from Turner Motorsport itself, boasting a line of Frozen Gray cars, such as a vinyl-wrapped E46 M3 supercharged and co-sponsored by KU Connection at one end side of the booth.

Inside the Turner booth was on of the Grand-Am racecars, along with several other magnificent machines surrounded by beautiful models. The other side of their booth showcased a McLaren - zero complaints about that!

Auto Couture Motoring, Mode Carbon and Morr Wheels came out to show off their goods by displaying cars with quality work.

At the end of the day, it was another superb Bimmerfest show for the East Coast crowd, with everybody leaving completely satisfied, whether they traveled from near or far. We anxiously await next year's event to see what it has in store for us!

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2013 BimmerFest east BMW M performance 3 series 63 Photo 17/65   |   2013 Bimmerfest East BMW M Performance 3 Series 63
2013 BimmerFest east BMW 1M coupe 01 Photo 30/65   |   2013 Bimmerfest East BMW 1M Coupe 01
2013 BimmerFest east motor city gumball M3 20 Photo 40/65   |   2013 Bimmerfest East Motor City Gumball M3 20
2013 BimmerFest east BMW 1M coupe 02 Photo 53/65   |   2013 Bimmerfest East BMW 1M Coupe 02




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