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86Fest Coverage Quickie

Mike Sabounchi
Aug 15, 2013

This year's 86Fest was one of those car meets that we can hardly wait for all year. There's no other car show out there that we know of that is built around just two particular chassis (AE86 and FR-S/BRZ) that draws such an eclectic crowd.

In case you didn't know, 86Fest is not a celebration of 80's kids but rather a celebration of the AE86 or Hachi-Roku. When the letters AE are followed by 86 most of you will immediately think of the infamous canyon carver / tofu delivery vehicle from Initial-D. Surprisingly enough, there are still a lot of people out there who have no clue what those numbers mean. In layman's terms, it's the chassis code of one of the most monumental sports cars ever made. When the 1984-1987 Toyota Corolla was fist produced it wasn't particularly sought after. Fortunately, as time passed so did the legend of the nearly perfectly balanced sports car. No, it didn't make a ton of power, no, it didn't have any super fancy technology inside it, but what it did provide was a connection between the driver and the road that has rarely been matched by any car to date.

Which brings us to the present, knowing how beloved their 30-year-old platform was. Toyota wanted to provide something a little more modern to the market place. Teaming up with Subaru to provide a modern day AE86 power plant and digging into the archives to modernize their beloved AE86, the 86 was born. The 86 aka FR-S / BRZ explosion in the states shortly followed, so it only made sense to give all these owners their own event.

Vertex_rocketbunny Photo 11/34   |   Vertex Rocketbunny

Antonio Alvendia put together the first 86FEST last year when the FR-S / BRZ first dropped stateside. Although there were only a handful of FR-S and BRZ cars in attendance, the event was still jam packed with people excited about the legendary 86 badge.

Fr s_lineup Photo 12/34   |   Fr S Lineup

This year marked the second year of 86FEST and everywhere you looked your eyes were consumed with JDM 86 goodies. Instead of going into detail on each and every car of the show, we figured we'd give you a quick walk through of a few cars and pieces that stood out in our eyes.

Evolution_timeattack Photo 25/34   |   Evolution Timeattack
By Mike Sabounchi
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