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Eibach Honda Meet 2013

New location, same old loyal Honda fanatics

Joey Lee
Oct 9, 2013

Over the past nine years, the Honda-only affair known simply as "Eibach Meet" has gone from filling a quarter of Eibach's Corona, California, facility's parking lot to busting at the seams in that same lot, to completely selling out the Irwindale Speedway in 2012. The search for a user-friendly venue led organizers to Lake Elsinore's Storm Stadium. Primarily used for housing large-scale minor league baseball events, the stadium's large parking area and side streets made for much smoother roll-in activities. As with previous years, spectators showed up hours before the event actually started, and the entry line swelled as thousands waited for the 11 a.m. opening.

Eibach honda meet 2013 tony jackson civic EH 13 Photo 2/22   |  
Tony Jackson-powered Civic EH from the Eibach race division

Inside, visitors found a two-side row with over 20 vendors, a DJ to make announcements throughout the day, a raffle with thousands of dollars' worth of products up for grabs, and then there were the cars. There were rusty, sticker-clad street cars with enough negative camber to make even the most open-minded hipster cringe, an impressive lineup of authentic Integra Type Rs, Drag Cartel's tube-framed all motor dominator, Jerry Built street soldiers, and even a few time attack cars like HaSport's turbo K24 Prelude. Speaking of HaSport, Brian Gillespie, Craig Corbin, and a few suspension gurus from Eibach took on the challenge of installing a "complete suspension and engine/transmission swap during the show, while visitors watched the process.

With 700 cars in attendance (a number that served as a cutoff, under-booking the parking lot to ensure control would be maintained) and well over 6,000 attendees, it's safe to say that the Eibach Meet staff will again rely on Storm Stadium in 2014.

Eibach honda meet 2013 hasport and circuit monsters CRX k swap prelude 01 Photo 3/22   |  
HaSport and Circuit Monsters' CRX and K-swap Prelude on display
Eibach honda meet 2013 circuit hero gilbert 4th gen civic 14 Photo 4/22   |  
Gilbert's immaculate fouth-gen from the circuit hero camp
Eibach honda meet 2013 rywire civic si 02 Photo 8/22   |   Eibach Honda Meet 2013
Eibach honda meet 2013 rywire civic si engine bay 03 Photo 9/22   |'s latest and greatest--an old-school chassis with a modern twist
Eibach honda meet 2013 jerry built NA civic 11 Photo 13/22   |   Eibach Honda Meet 2013
Eibach honda meet 2013 jerry built NA engine 12 Photo 14/22   |  
Jerry Built boosted and NA monsters
Eibach honda meet 2013 RC garage k swap EH civic 15 Photo 18/22   |  
RC's Garage revamped this once-boosted B-series EH with a K swap.
Eibach honda meet 2013 loi spec ITR 16 Photo 19/22   |  
Loi-Spec brought its army of track-tested ITRs including this black beauty.
By Joey Lee
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