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BLOX 2013 Car Show

July 13, 2013

Aaron Bonk
Nov 22, 2013

A yellow Gallardo that you can't afford flanks a row of Civics and Integras that culminates at an H-series-swapped CRX that couldn't be any more at odds with the $200K-plus Italian Bull. Automotive adversaries don't get any more obvious, and that's exactly the way parts manufacturer BLOX Racing likes it, and is how it's been doing its annual open house and car show for the last four years.

More than 3,000 spectators lined two blocks worth of streets behind BLOX's Fremont, California, headquarters Saturday, July 13, weaving their way past a few hundred show and race sleds from just about every make. The predominant theme was Honda, though, which is fitting considering the company's dedicated most of its resources to Civic and Integra platforms since its inception 10 years ago.

BLOX 2013 car show F22C1 powered mazda RX7 02 Photo 2/13   |  
It’s no Civic, and it doesn’t come from Tochigi or Suzuka, but the shoehorned-into-place F22C1 engine and drivetrain are enough to make even the most allegiant of Honda fans appreciate this particular first-generation Mazda RX-7.

BLOX's open house and car show doesn't cost a thing but vehicle participation remains regulated. To ward off '86 Integras with primered bumpers and "Powered by Honda" decals from lining its streets, the company implements a screening process of which 350 show car owners applied for within the first hour following the event's announcement. Impressive numbers, those are, especially considering that the Northern California company isn't in the business of car shows, but whose primary line of work is manufacturing and selling aftermarket Honda garb--like shift knobs, camber kits, and exhaust systems. The formula works; and the result isn't the BLOX-centric lovefest that you'd expect, but a car show that's well-rounded enough to go up against the likes of those who do such things for a living.

Located across from the requisite car show components--a DJ, some models, and a handful of food trucks--are a series of BLOX partners, companies like Mackin Industries, Supertech, and more than a dozen local shops and dealers. Machines like a RWD-converted, S2000-powered third-gen Integra and a V6-swapped fifth-gen Accord are why you show up, though. That, and the fact that BLOX donates its proceeds to its local Wheels on Meals, an organization that delivers ready-made dishes to senior citizens who aren't able to purchase or prepare their own. It's all of this that makes BLOX's open house and car show a special event--one that those who attended are likely already anticipating next year's follow-up.

BLOX 2013 car show spoon sports accord euro r 03 Photo 6/13   |  
Formerly Spoon Sports’ U.S. Touring Car Championship-winning ’03 Accord Euro R. As you’d expect, all sorts of Spoon goodies sit underneath the hood, like a balanced and blueprinted 2.0L engine straight from the legendary tuning firm.
BLOX 2013 car show f series swapped integra 12 Photo 10/13   |  
Arguably more costly and time consuming than buying an S2000 but not nearly as unique: turbo F-series-swapped Integra complete with the S2K trans and RWD conversion.


Blox Racing
Fremont, CA 94538
By Aaron Bonk
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