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2013 Fastivus Car Show & Track Day

We check out the growing track day and car show

Ezekiel Wheeler
Oct 26, 2013

Now entering its seventh year, Fastivus 2013 took place over the long Memorial Day weekend and following last year's success, the event was now open to all VW makes and models, rather than limited to R models as in the past.

With the floodgates open to all VW fans throughout Southern California, more than 400 cars and 600 enthusiasts turned up, making opening day truly memorable.

Something else new for 2013 was the ability to bring camping gear and provisions to spend the night at Willow Springs Raceway. This beat the prospect of commuting back and forth to the track for Sunday morning's driver briefing.

2013 fastivus track day and car show super beetle 09 Photo 2/12   |   The SEMA 2012 GT Award-winning Super Beetle made its first West Coast appearance


Past Fastivus events were reserved for VW Golf R32 and R models from the first edition Mk4 to the latest Mk6. But with the new format, we were delighted to see a healthy showing of everything from GTIs to the Beetle, Passat and Jetta. And, of course, some Audis turned out to celebrate the new open-door policy.

APR Motorsport was this year's title sponsor. The company brought its big rig, fresh from its duty at SoWo the weekend before. After driving across the country, the APR crew was at the ready to meet attendees with performance parts and software from its tuning catalogue. They even brought a few "coming soon" products, including the highly anticipated Roots-style supercharger for the RS5 and R8 V8.

As the sun blazed and the wind blew, showgoers weren't the least bit deterred. After applying the sunscreen and pitching a tent, it was time to crack open a few adult beverages. You were bound to have a good time!

2013 fastivus track day and car show volkswagen and audis 10 Photo 3/12   |   2013 Fastivus Car Show & Track Day

With the help of VW of America, the Fastivus organizers hope to make the show the major event on California's Euro calendar. Let's be honest, the East Coast shows rule the roost so it will be good to have something to crow about out West. And with events like nighttime head's up drag racing, show 'n shine, and the track-day racing experience, it looks as if they're well on their way to making it a reality.

Additionally, Fastivus has become renowned for its raffle. From humble beginnings, giving away a simple HPA short shifter, this year saw nearly $25000 in premier VW parts on offer for the winning tickets. VW chipped in three roof racks for the Mk4, Mk5 and Mk6, while Rotiform kicked in a set of wheels and SoloWerks gave a set of coilovers.

If you have any hesitation making plans for next year, we suggest you look at the raffle prizes on the Fastivus website and pack your bags the next time summer heats up.

For more information, check out

2013 fastivus track day and car show volkswagen golf driver side view 06 Photo 4/12   |   2013 Fastivus Car Show & Track Day
2013 fastivus track day and car show beach cruiser beetle 12 Photo 8/12   |   Our Beach Cruiser Beetle arrived at the track, fitted with forged Revo wheels over the company's big brakes
2013 fastivus track day and car show willow springs paddock area 03 Photo 12/12   |   2013 Fastivus Car Show & Track Day
By Ezekiel Wheeler
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