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Honda Day E-Town

Englishtown NJ, Aug 10-11

Sean Bradford
Dec 20, 2013

The mega event known as Honda Day really needs no explanation. You've read about the event in Honda Tuning, seen photos online, and heard about the hoards of participants and spectators that make their way to every Honda Day event. That being said, this event had a special surprise for the hardcore Honda fans, in that an industry icon made his way to the event and even brought along a little eye candy. If you didn't see it plastered all over the web, Mr Spoon himself, Tatsuru Ichishima, stopped by for the weekend. Swarmed by fans for two straight days, Mr. Ichishima was able to stop signing autographs long enough to help fire up the Spoon E-AT chassis Civic, a DOHC ZC-powered hatch that spits out over 200 hp. To pilot the car for a few demo laps was Drift expert, all-around outstanding driver and quite the celebrity himself, Daijiro Yoshihara.

Beyond the stars in attendance, fans were treated to two action packed days for intense drag racing action, a massive car show, a packed vendor row, and much more. Oh, and then there's that little detail that really shows how Honda Day gives back to the fans; they raffled off another car! This time around, a white RSX loaded with a wheel/tire package, custom interior, performance parts; and the best part was the fact that someone drove home in it free and clear.

Honda day e town tatsuru ichishima 09 Photo 2/94   |   Honda Day E-Town
Honda day e town spoon civic 08 Photo 9/94   |   Honda Day E-Town
Honda day e town mugen integra front bumper 21 Photo 16/94   |   Honda Day E-Town
Honda day e town RSX giveaway car 14 Photo 23/94   |  
The keys and title to this RSX were handed to one lucky attendee!
Honda day e town drag civic parachute 20 Photo 30/94   |   Honda Day E-Town
Honda day e town honda day girls 50 Photo 37/94   |   Honda Day E Town Honda Day Girls 50
Honda day e town cam gears 54 Photo 44/94   |   Honda Day E Town Cam Gears 54
Honda day e town custom turbo setup 38 Photo 51/94   |   Honda Day E Town Custom Turbo Setup 38
Honda day e town dai yoshihara 27 Photo 61/94   |   Honda Day E Town Dai Yoshihara 27
Honda day e town drag civic 82 Photo 71/94   |   Honda Day E Town Drag Civic 82
Honda day e town engine bay 29 Photo 78/94   |   Honda Day E Town Engine Bay 29
Honda day e town honda ruckus 57 Photo 85/94   |   Honda Day E Town Honda Ruckus 57


Honda Day
By Sean Bradford
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