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Sunset Show-Off 2013

First ever Limitless Society meet-n-mingle goes off

Dec 30, 2013

Sunset Show-Off 2013 Meet Details:

  • Limitless Society & Dione Mascunana of Atari Squad hold inaugural meet at Sky Print Media facility in Walnut, Calif.
  • Dozens of cars on display, from show queens to daily drivers
  • Cars from Stay Crushing, Liberty Walk and The R's Tuning among the displays
  • Event also featured food trucks, a DJ, raffle and other giveaways

It's supposed to be the off-season, and for good reason - it's the holidays! Whichever festive occasion you're personally inclined to observe, generally the span between roughly November and March of the following year is traditionally a dead zone (yes, even in the perpetual summer of California).

Sunset showoff 2013 lexus LFA crowd Photo 2/45   |   Sunset Showoff 2013 Lexus LFA Crowd

So imagine our surprise when we learned about Dione Mascunana of Atari Squad and Limitless Society's Sunset Show-Off at Sky Print Media in Walnut, a meet right in our backyard on December 28 (which Super Street and Import Tuner magazines both happened to back, so really we weren't all that surprised). Having come down from our Christmas buzz, we actually couldn't think of a better way to catch up with our local car peeps before the daze of New Years set in.

And the weather for the late afternoon inaugural gathering was perfect, too - we've been seeing a lot of mid-70s and even a few 80s over the last stretch of days, which no doubt helped to make the event a success. Indeed, dozens of cars (hundreds?) across the spectrum of makes and models were on hand for the soiree, a few dozen specifically invited by Limitless and then a grip of additional cars from area enthusiasts.

Repping Limitless was the likes of Robert "Stay Crushing" Kochis and his nearly ubiquitous Rocket Bunny II, Vortech supercharged Scion FR-S, joined by vehicles from The R's Tuning and Liberty Walk. The White Rabbit and Dogzilla food trucks supplemented the eye candy with dining excellence, and organizers also offered a raffle with prizes and additional giveaways.

Our mission to Sunset Show-Off was short lived, alas, as we had other holiday commitments to make, but that didn't diminish our excitement over a new potential hangout during a normally dry part of the year - a feeling amplified when we saw just how much the event blew up. Get into the gallery to sample the sweet, seasonal delights of Sunset Show-Off 2013.

Sunset showoff 2013 datsun 240z front three quarter Photo 12/45   |   Sunset Showoff 2013 Datsun 240Z Front Three Quarter
Sunset showoff 2013 food trucks Photo 22/45   |   Sunset Showoff 2013 Food Trucks
Sunset showoff 2013 datsun sports 1600 Photo 32/45   |   Sunset Showoff 2013 Datsun Sports 1600
Sunset showoff 2013 crowd Photo 42/45   |   Sunset Showoff 2013 Crowd
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