For the better part of each year, many car enthusiasts in the northeastern region of the country spend their downtime collecting parts and carefully coordinating how to refresh and revamp the look of their cars for the upcoming show season. Summer comes around with warmer days and clearer skies, and whether the builders are ready or not, the show must go on. This year, Jay Martinez brought the annual Tuner Evolution car show to the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA. Car owners and enthusiasts along the east coast and as far as Illinois and Ontario (Canada) traveled the distance to put their vehicles on display and to support their friends and families. The quality of builds on the east coast continues to get better and better by the year and this first large-scaled show of the summer did not fall short. Some of the more noteworthy vehicles in attendance consisted of an imported RHD Toyota Chaser (Kiely Mackey), a carbon-fiber Veilside widebody Mazda RX-7 (Manuel Ramdowe), Tito Perez’s royal blue RX-7 on Volks, Muzzy Yousefi’s color-shifting RHD Nissan 350Z and the Liberty VIP Acura RL. The “Best of Show” award went to Alex Witkin and his red ’02 race-ready WRX, and the ‘Best Overall Team’ award went to Team Emotion.