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Tokyo Auto Salon 2014: Parking Lot Car Sightings

A look at what local tuners drove to the big show

Jan 22, 2014

Acclimating yourself to the polished contents of Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) begins in its parking lot. Here is where the local flavor lies; and on Sunday, the final day of the show, it is packed. While the latest builds and parts staged within the halls of Makuhari Messe Convention Center is reason enough for the Japanese pilgrimage another gauge of the current tuner trends is found by viewing what the residents drive regularly.

Nissan Skyline GTR blue Photo 2/78   |   Nissan Skyline GTR Blue

During a late Sunday afternoon we ventured into this stadium-sized plot of asphalt and snapped photos until the sun went down. Trolling the adjacent TAS lot unearths JDM diamonds the minute you step off the stairs – not to mention modded Euro and American platforms. GT-R, Silvia, Fairlady Z, Supra, AE86, Type R and countless other Japanese-spec cars lusted over stateside sit pretty and in numbers here.

Honda S2000 rear Photo 9/78   |   Honda S2000 Rear

Row after row of attendee transport made focusing on one vehicle hard. And being that the loosely translated, “20 Year Old People” holiday - in Japan you are officially an adult after reaching twenty – was on the Monday following TAS there were way too many parked cars to check out in 90 minutes.

Nissan Silvia front sunset Photo 16/78   |   Nissan Silvia Front Sunset

As the sun dropped onto the horizon of the nearby Pacific Ocean Golden Hour set the scene for the car porn you will find below. Legions of wild Honda Odyssey vans, R32/33/34s, beat down drift rides and more awaited the camera’s lens. Past the many clean R34s was a stanced-out Odyssey van with modern BMW front end that basically blew my mind.

Honda Odyssey with BMW front end Photo 23/78   |   Honda Odyssey With BMW Front End
Toyota Vellfire fronts Photo 30/78   |   Toyota Vellfire Fronts
Toyota Aristo rear Photo 37/78   |   Toyota Aristo Rear

Note that the photos included are not a total look at the TAS parking lot this year but just a portion, maybe 20 percent of the space. With day ending and attendees packing up to go home it was a race against the clock to give you insight and maybe inspiration into the styles, cars and aftermarket parts Tokyo-centric tuners rock today. Enjoy!

Honda Fit group front Photo 38/78   |   Honda Fit Group Front
Toyota Mark X 250G front Photo 48/78   |   Toyota Mark X 250G Front
Nissan Skyline GTR R33 Photo 58/78   |   Nissan Skyline GTR R33
Mitsubishi Evos and Nissan Skyline GTR R34 Photo 68/78   |   Mitsubishi Evos And Nissan Skyline GTR R34
Toyota Supra exiting Photo 78/78   |   Toyota Supra Exiting
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