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Wekfest New Jersey - Insight On The Right

Scene: Wekfest East; New Jersey Convention Center—Edison, NJ

Matthew Jones
Jan 7, 2014

Maybe I’m partial to the East Coast because I’ve spent the majority of my life on that side of the country (or maybe I’ve just been experiencing too much #samlife lately). Sure, California has a lot of righteous, historic builds—but that’s also primarily due to the fact that the greater part of the industry is out here, from media to manufacturers. Yet over the past few years, the right side has been making an undeniable impact on the automotive scene. Influential start-up companies are popping up more and more every day and heavy hitting tuning shops are finally starting to appear in the daily news feed receiving their well deserved recognition throughout the community. Needless to say, with it being over a year since my last visit to a Northeast car show, I couldn’t have been more eager to see what the event had to offer.

Wekfest new jersey nissan skyline r34 headlights 22 Photo 2/76   |   Wekfest New Jersey Nissan Skyline R34 Headlights 22
Wekfest new jersey showroom 11 Photo 3/76   |   Wekfest New Jersey Showroom 11

Now, even with my hype for the event, Ill be the first to admit that Wekfest Jersey was a tad bit smaller than I had originally expected—especially with my last meet being Wekfest San Jose, which was probably the most packed event I had ever attended in my life. But that doesn’t mean there was a lack of quality by any means. With more than a few real deal GT-Rs, innovative odd swaps, flawless VIP cars and a surprisingly wide selection of Euros, the meet served to be an all around good time for everyone involved. Not to mention the abundance of beautiful females struttin’ throughout the venue catching this single man’s eye.

Wekfest new jersey mitsubishi lancer evolution voltex front bumper 17 Photo 7/76   |   Wekfest New Jersey Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Voltex Front Bumper 17
Wekfest new jersey varis scion fr s 24 Photo 14/76   |   Wekfest New Jersey Varis Scion Fr S 24
Wekfest new jersey toyota corolla ae86 s2000 motor 27 Photo 18/76   |   Wekfest New Jersey Toyota Corolla Ae86 S2000 Motor 27
Wekfest new jersey mitsubishi lancer evolution ix varis front bumper version two 07 Photo 19/76   |   Wekfest New Jersey Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Ix Varis Front Bumper Version Two 07
Wekfest new jersey lady phtoographer 18 Photo 23/76   |   Wekfest New Jersey Lady Phtoographer 18
Wekfest new jersey Subaru BRZ Front Bumper 02 Photo 27/76   |   Wekfest New Jersey Subaru BRZ Front Bumper 02

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Wekfest new jersey 01 crowd Photo 31/76   |   Wekfest New Jersey 01 Crowd
Wekfest new jersey 61 honda civic hatchback Photo 38/76   |   Wekfest New Jersey 61 Honda Civic Hatchback
Wekfest new jersey 28 honda accord euro Photo 42/76   |   Wekfest New Jersey 28 Honda Accord Euro
Wekfest new jersey 21 acura integra Photo 49/76   |   Wekfest New Jersey 21 Acura Integra
Wekfest new jersey 20 mazda RX 7 Photo 55/76   |   Wekfest New Jersey 20 Mazda RX 7
Wekfest new jersey 29 subaru forester Photo 62/76   |   Wekfest New Jersey 29 Subaru Forester
Wekfest new jersey 07 honda civic Photo 69/76   |   Wekfest New Jersey 07 Honda Civic
Wekfest new jersey 05 mitsubishi lancer evolution VIII Photo 73/76   |   Wekfest New Jersey 05 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII
By Matthew Jones
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