Watching cars roll into an event can often times be more fun than actually walking through a jam-packed venue, as is the case with the Japanese-edition of Slammed Society. The popular show from Mark Arcenal’s Hellaflush empire took over Fuji Speedway once again, bringing a small but strong collective of very low rides with wheel setups that we presume most of you will call “ugly,” “stupid” or any other negative words that have been thrown toward the stance scene as of late. But those aren’t the big stars; here’s where the Rocket Bunnies and RWBs come to play as well. It was our first chance to see Kei Miura’s Version 2 kit for the FR-S/BRZ and we gotta say, we’re excited to get one for our Ratchet Bunny. And if you haven’t figured it out already, the over-the-top RPS13 from Team Bad Quality is the stuff that makes JDM fanboys (like us) ultra-giddy.