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Tokyo Auto Salon 2014: Hot New Parts

Full recap of the latest and greatest style to performance products

Sean Russell
Feb 7, 2014

Tokyo Auto Salon Part Details:

  • Annual aftermarket parts show in Japan
  • Numerous wheel releases from Work, Volk, Enkei, BBS and Homura
  • Performance parts from Varis, Blitz, Endless, Cusco, Recaro, Tein and Top Secret
  • Trends included widebody kits, track-ready street parts, and 86/BRZ and R35 focus

Varis Nissan GTR with new aero Photo 2/71   |   Varis updated its R35 DBA and CBA Circuit Ver. aero lines with new diffuser, lips, bumpers, fenders, side skirts and rear under skirt. All components made of either carbon, FRP, VSDC or combo of the latter two.

Highlighting brand new aftermarket parts is the heart of Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS). Past the giggling models of this year's Auto Salon and general tuner car coverage of the event that blew up your social feeds this past month, we also placed heavy focus on the latest product unveilings. Whether it be new aero installed on a Varis Nissan GT-R parked for display or glass encased electronics from Blitz, tuner wish lists for the new year start here. If money for a project car is burning a hole in your pocket take a gander at the recent product releases from Japan's big tuner show below.

For general Tokyo Auto Salon coverage: Tokyo Auto Salon 2014: Total Coverage

Unfortunately, some of the tastiest items such as the Recaro Hans-ready Ultima 1.0 bucket will not make it to stores stateside – unless you have the cash and time to import. Nonetheless, a range of aesthetic to performance upgrades never before seen and to be later available in the U.S. of A got us excited.

Countless new wheel designs or sizing/application updates were highlighted at booths like Work Wheels, Homura, Rays Engineering, Enkei, BBS, and Volk Racing. Brands like Tein pushed its new Mono Sport everyday aggressive coilover and EDFC II electronic damper control unit while Cusco brought out a new Street Zero suspension line to compliment its many chassis stiffening/control and performance parts - many of which tailored to the 86/BRZ.

Homura 2X5S wheel 02 Photo 12/71   |   Homura released the rad 2X7-R wheels that blend style and performance. The second digit in the model name represents the number 2-point prongs designed into the wheel. A 2X5S and 2X9 variant of this style is also available.
Volk Racing TE37 Ultra forged Photo 19/71   |   Volk Racing seems to release a new variation of its famed forged 1-piece TE37 wheel every year. This year it showcased its new 20” TE37 Ultra. Bigger size, same look, real badass. Another new wheel offering included the ZE40, a forged 1-piece and JWL+R Spec2 design. Finally, the forged 1-piece G2 Progressive Model was showcased in 16”-18” sizing.

More unlikely part findings included the Sparco floor jack and baby booster seat, Blitz lightweight lithium-ion battery and Smart B.R.A.I.N info and radar unit with mobile connectivity, Top Secret R35 headlights, and the Spoon Sports Honda S2000 Hard Top Concept featuring new production bumpers.

Endless GT Class Brake Kit 02 Photo 20/71   |   Endless full brake kit with caliper that accepts 430mm disc. Will fit Benz SLS, Porsches and Lambo applications. Monoblock and forged aluminum design for Japans Super GT class - race only.
Endless Nissan R35 OE disc replacement Photo 24/71   |   When replacing your OE R35 GT-R Brembo discs Nissan requires you buy all associated hardware such as bell housing and pins. Endless now sells improved OE disc-only replacements that use stock hardware.

Hardcore race capable parts were seen at the Endless booth where its new R35 OE disc-only replacement removed the need to spend extra money with Nissan for brake hardware when all you need are standalone rotors. Endless also showcased composite pads and an all out RacingMono6GT complete braking kit that made us wish our credit cards had no limit. Other notable mentions on the go-fast end included the Top Secret R35 titanium exhaust and suspension components, Cusco 86/BRZ supercharger with updated mapping, Exedy carbon or composite clutch kits, and Carbon Revolution’s fully carbon fiber 15-pound racing wheel. We also learned Trust will be distributing Garrett turbos and AEM product.

Top Secret Nissan GTR R35 suspension Photo 25/71   |   Top Secret unveiled smart R35 suspension that works in conjunction with a ETS Torque manager and rotating shocks to optimally harden/soften damping on the move. 5-settings are achieved based on speed and inputs that then effect oil flow and shock rotation for ideal track setup.
Blitz Touch BRAIN reflash ECU controller Photo 32/71   |   The new Blitz Smart B.R.A.I.N., working with the Bluetooth-enabled "Touch" display, accesses the OBD port and acts as an all-in-one gauge. It displays reflash settings, engine parameters, radar detector info, GPS-based data points and can be accessed by your phone or any other Bluetooth device.

For a full run down on the parts that grabbed our attention see the gallery of photos with captions on this page. After the conclusion of the show we headed out to Fuji Speedway for HKS Premium Day 2014, which showcased some new products in action from the likes of the Yaris Nissan GT-R.

Tein Mono Sport coilovers Photo 33/71   |   A new release for the aggressive street and occasional track driver comes the Tein Mono Sport coilover. It is compatible with the EDFC II electronic damping unit as well.
Spoon Honda S2000 Hard Top Concept 02 Photo 37/71   |   Spoon Racing revealed a love it or hate it S2K Hard Top Concept to reignite talk about the historic brand and still-popular platform. The prototype roof is designed to create a convertible feel without the sun hitting you on head. Features and benefits include less wind noise/buffeting common to a convertible, a plexi top, 1-piece CNC frame and utilization of the factory front latches. On the production end, this S2K also features new production bumpers that were tested racing.
Blitz Li Fi lightweight battery Photo 47/71   |   New 13.2v lithium-ion lightweight battery from Blitz.
Cusco Supercharger kit for 86 BRZ Photo 60/71   |   Cusco released a range of 86/BRZ product including refined mapping for its supercharger kit, intake suction pipe kit, fluid reservoir tank, stabilizer parts, smooth shift linkage, lightweight flywheel and 1.5-way LSD.
BBS MP prototype forge mag wheel Photo 67/71   |   Seen here is a prototype forged magnesium 1-piece wheel. On either side (seen below) are 2-piece aluminum wheels that may make it to the states later in the year.
Top Secret Nissan GTR headlights new Photo 71/71   |   Top Secret Nissan GTR Headlights New
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