Finding a good blog to follow is tough, especially when social media makes it that much faster and easier to find content on a whim. It takes time to nurture a site into something that will keep followers coming back for more; it's especially challenging when a blog's primary focus is geared toward one specific car brand. If you've ever wondered what the hell a "stickydiljoe" is, then curiosity has brought you to the URL at some point and you've bookmarked it like I have. If the name Joey Lee also rings a bell, then congratulations, you've also read plenty of his stories or seen his photos in numerous magazines, including ours. His site has become one of the premiere web destinations to find lots of great Honda content (and sometimes more); he's at every show (in California), linked in with the diehard enthusiasts and is the best at telling a story in full detail, which is mostly why I like having him write for us. For the past five years now, he has hosted his own car meet to help celebrate car culture, inviting all of his supporters and friends for a year-end party to showcase the very cars that make up a good portion of his content. Naturally, we had to be there.