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Cars and Coffee Irvine: Here's to Variety

Early morning start to a day filled with Automotive heaven.

Mike Sabounchi
Feb 11, 2014

Cars and Coffee Irvine Details:

  • Held at Mazda Headquarters in Irvine, CA.
  • Wide Variety of automotive styles and manufacturers represented
  • Free Event held weekly on Saturday Mornings
  • One-of-a-kind builds and historic autmotobiles

There are very few car meets in the world that can truly capture what it’s like to be a true car fan. Most of the time, when you hear the phrase “Car Meet” you think of a bunch of high school kids hanging out in the parking lot of the local donut shop or something along those lines. 9 times out of 10 those meets get shut down by local authorities, for a number of reasons. Luckily for us, one of the best true car enthusiasts meets happens to be within a stone’s throw from our Southern California office.

The Cars and Coffee meet in Irvine, CA is one of those events that is a guaranteed good time every Saturday. While there’s never knowing for sure exactly who or what will show up, one this that is for sure is that you will see some cars you will probably never see anywhere else in the world. On top of that, this is one of those rare events where diversity in the automotive culture is actually encouraged. You might find yourself walking down a row of cars that has everything from Hot Rods to British Roadsters to Japanese super cars.

Viper acr sunsetfront Photo 8/39   |   Viper Acr Sunsetfront

With that being said, we decided this would be a perfect time to showcase one of our most head turning builds we finished up for SEMA last year. The Modified Magazine #SonicPowered Chevy Sonic is most definitely one of those cars that combines the best of the tuning world with an emerging American sub-compact market. Since Cars and Coffee is all about combining the worlds of all different car cultures, we knew the Modified magazine Sonic would be the perfect car for this show.

Modiifed sonic RS porschegt3 rs Photo 12/39   |   Modiifed Sonic RS Porschegt3 Rs
Modified sonic RS porsche Photo 16/39   |   Modified Sonic RS Porsche

We arrived at the show just before dawn to ensure we would get a good spot and we were met with some apprehension from the event organizers. When we arrived at the gate the organizers explained that they prefer to keep the meet limited to a select group of cars with the emphasis on pre 2000 coupes. Sedans made after 2000 are suggested to park outside the meet in the Taco Bell over flow lot. After a quick discussion with the organizers they finally let us take the car in. Within 15 minutes of parking the in a prime spot next to a Porsche GT3RS and a hot rod, we developed a small crowd around the Sonic. After chatting with some of people that gathered around the car, we decided to walk the show for ourselves and see what it had to offer.

Slammed vw bug Photo 26/39   |   Slammed Vw Bug

As you can see there is so much automotive awesomeness from Cars and Coffee Irvine that it’s almost impossible to cover it all. We could do a feature on each one of these cars by themselves. However, one of our favorite moments from the meet has to be this.

Austin mini child Photo 36/39   |   Austin Mini Child

It looks like there really is a perfect car for everyone. In case you haven’t had a chance to make it out, and you happen to be in the Southern California area, make sure you stop by Cars and Coffee in Irvine. You are sure to find something there that you will immediately fall in love with. Who knows, you might even see us there snapping pictures right next to you.

By Mike Sabounchi
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