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SEMA 2013 Show

The Hottest Products Unveiled in Sin City

Scott Tsuneishi
Mar 13, 2014
Photographer: Jofel Tolosa

The SEMA Show—short for Specialty Equipment Market Association—is the biggest aftermarket auto event in the world. The show draws the industry's brightest minds and newest products to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center. This year's convention played host to thousands of domestic and international buyers. With over 3,000 new product displays that ranged from engine components, electronics, and restoration products, the show offered a plethora of automotive eye candy, including hot models and a glimpse into some of the hottest products for the upcoming year.

The 2013 SEMA Show is officially over. But what exactly went on behind the convention center's doors? With so much going on at this year's automotive trade show, it was all too easy to miss many of the cool parts and new gadgetry displayed throughout the exhibition halls. If you missed out, here's a glimpse of some of the newest products, hot models and show-worthy rides.

SEMA 2013 show scion tc 60 Photo 8/85   |   SEMA 2013 Show
SEMA 2013 show advan racing TCIII 55 Photo 18/85   |  
Advan Racing TCIII
Advan Racing TCIII is an ultra-lightweight wheel designed for the track and hard-core street enthusiasts. It features a five-spoke design based on the original Advan Racing TCII model.
SEMA 2013 show HaSport prelude 41 Photo 37/85   |   SEMA 2013 Show
SEMA 2013 show hankook tire girls 27 Photo 50/85   |   SEMA 2013 Show
SEMA 2013 show maxxis FRS 35 Photo 57/85   |   SEMA 2013 Show
SEMA 2013 show Rs tuning GTR 58 Photo 64/85   |   SEMA 2013 Show
SEMA 2013 show LS powered S2000 26 Photo 71/85   |   SEMA 2013 Show

Industry Soiree

What's SEMA without the parties, right? We know you've already seen a ton of show coverage, but now we're showing you what the parties are like. Presented by Honda and sponsored by Falken Tire, eBay Motors, Pioneer, Mackin, Spoon Sports, SGD/Zola, Belvedere, Five Axis, Super Street, GT Channel, Speedhunters, and your favorite staff here at Import Tuner, we threw our own raging party at Tao nightclub. Needless to say, we don't recall much of that night and had to check our cameras to relive it. Big thanks to our sponsors and everyone who came out. See you guys next year!

SEMA 2013 honda civic 78 Photo 78/85   |   SEMA 2013 Show
SEMA 2013 honda industry soiree 85 Photo 85/85   |   SEMA 2013 Show
By Scott Tsuneishi
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