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Eibach Meet 2014 Gallery

Biggest Honda convergence in the West marks 10 years of single-make obsession

Josh Ching
May 15, 2014
Photographers: Bob Hernandez, Mike Sabounchi

Eibach Honda Meet 2014 Details:

  • Biggest Honda enthusiast event on the West Coast logs 10th anniversary
  • Over 800 cars on display at Storm Stadium in Lake Elsinore, CA, the most to date
  • Plenty of builds flossing themes from old school to JDM and more

The brainchild of Ryan Hoegner from Eibach Springs and Matt "Rodrez" Rodriguez, the Editor-in-Chief at Honda Tuning magazine, the Eibach Honda Meet started as just a simple meet where enthusiasts could get together and share their love of Honda and Acura with one another. Ten years later, the Eibach Honda Meet has grown to be one of the biggest and most anticipated events on the West Coast, attracting hundreds of cars and thousands of spectators from all over the country and beyond.

Nsx slammed red Photo 2/120   |   Nsx Slammed Red

While patrons of past Eibach Honda Meets may be disappointed with the fact the event is no longer held at the spring maker's facility in Corona, CA. the change of venue was necessary in order to accommodate the massive rise in attendance. In recent years the Eibach Honda Meet has managed to find a home at Storm Stadium in Lake Elsinore; however, who knows how long till another, bigger venue will be needed.

B series engine cam gears Photo 6/120   |   B Series Engine Cam Gears

The culmination of more than five months worth of hard work and planning, this year's event was the biggest to date with over 800 Honda / Acura preregistered to attend and many more lined up at the gates eager to get in. With so many cars in attendance it was no surprise to find a few past and future feature vehicles on site. Wandering through the aisles of cars one would be blown away by the number of immaculate builds present representing a variety of themes such as old-school, Spoon, Mugen, JDM, and USDM.

Quit hatin civic Photo 10/120   |   Quit Hatin Civic

Despite the perception, the Eibach Honda Meet is not a corporate event organized and funded by Eibach Springs. It is a completely grassroots affair set up entirely by two diehard Honda fans and completely funded and supported by masses of enthusiasts. Ryan and Rodrez thank their friends and family for helping them put on the event and their fellow Honda enthusiasts for supporting it and helping it grow over the past decade.

Civic couple Photo 14/120   |   Civic Couple

Enjoy our gallery from this year's event, and in the near future look for an interview with the organizers, as well as a special gallery commemorating 10 years of the Eibach Honda Meet.

Red ek9 slammed Photo 18/120   |   Red Ek9 Slammed
Red ruckus Photo 31/120   |   Red Ruckus
Spoonracing civic Photo 44/120   |   Spoonracing Civic
Honda civic hatch s2000 maxxis booth Photo 60/120   |   Honda Civic Hatch S2000 Maxxis Booth
Soda can wheel dish Photo 61/120   |   Soda Can Wheel Dish
Nsx front Photo 71/120   |   Nsx Front
Acura TSX Photo 81/120   |   Acura TSX
Black civic si Photo 91/120   |   Black Civic Si
Blue s2 Photo 101/120   |   Blue S2
Rsx work wheels Photo 111/120   |   Rsx Work Wheels
By Josh Ching
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