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Flashback Friday - Eibach Honda Meet 2007 Gallery

Flush with success in its first 3 years, the seminal gathering gets even bigger for year 4

Matt Rodriguez
Aug 1, 2014

Eibach Honda Meet 2007 Details:

  • Biggest Honda enthusiast event on the West Coast | 100s of cars on display
  • Locals joined by attendees from throughout West & as far away as Wisconsin
  • West side of Eibach facility parking lot in Corona, CA opened for first time
  • Plenty of builds flossing themes from old school to JDM and more

The 2007 Eibach Honda Meet was a special one. Having found success in its first three years at Eibach's Corona, Calif. facility, the fourth year brought with it more cars, more spectators and inherently more complex parking issues. Whereas the parking spots around the building were filled the year prior, 2007 required specific organization of the west side of the building (near the loading docks) in order to park more cars inside the gates. And because the single driveway entrance was cursed with a nasty incline that required the slow and easy approach, the cul-de-sac swelled with Hondas early in the morning and continued throughout the afternoon.

Blue s2000 Photo 2/57   |   Blue S2000

10 Years of the Eibach Honda Meet

As with all of the Eibach Honda Meets, visitors from different parts of the country made the trip to SoCal to check out the meet, but during this particular event, many drove their cars from NorCal, Nevada, Arizona, even as far away as Wisconsin! The result was a wide variety of Hondas and enough cars to drool over for most of the day.

DJ Photo 6/57   |   DJ

Though K-series swaps had picked up quite a bit of steam by this time, they weren't nearly as popular as B-series setups. Most likely due to their high cost, the K-craze wouldn't take over for a few more years. Shaved and tucked engine bays were becoming more popular and wheel fanatics were relying on reconditioned old-school rollers from the likes of Sprint Hart, SSR and Mugen.

Logo Photo 10/57   |   Logo

Offsets remained functional and non-comical as the stance movement was still owned by the VW crowd and hadn't taken over the Honda market yet. Here are some images from that event with many cars that you might recognize from the pages of Honda Tuning in the past.

Side lot Photo 29/57   |   Side Lot
West side parking Photo 42/57   |   West Side Parking
By Matt Rodriguez
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